Saturday, January 22, 2011

Stripped and hurt and the End of the Week Psalm

This represents how I felt at one point this week.
Stripped bare,
Lock put on my heart.

You see, a piece was ripped out of me
last Friday
by a fellow teacher
who is jealous of my 'wealth'
(she defines wealth in monetary terms)
and a highly dramatic student
in desperate need of anger management

 A false accusation was made.
Fortunately, three students, called in to write statements,
told the true situation
and not the emotional lie of the student.
(The incident supposedly occurred in a classroom with 30 students in it!)

In maliciousness, the teacher told him I hated him
and he came into my room
hurt, angry, and seeking revenge.
(I don't hate, not even when I was hurting profusely
from the actions of my ex and ex-best friend years ago).

Adding to the mess was the principal was on an anniversary celebration vacation,
so was not present to deal with this student.

Fortunately, the guidance counselor handled it,
and she did an outstanding job.
The situation was momentarily defused.

She's the one who got multiple statements including the accusing student's and mine.
She's the one who calmed the mother down on the phone.
She's the one who comforted me.

On Thursday the saga ended.
The teacher lied to the principal to protect herself, but supposedly to protect me
After ignoring me all week, she rushed to my table at professional development
and gushed all over me.
She told me she'd been called in by the principal and what she told him.

She wondered if I knew the mother was coming in to meet with the principal--
info she found out that morning--
info I had known since last Friday.
I told her that I did and refused to say any more to her.

 Just as this ivy is protected under this porch,
and supported by the wall,
so was I protected
by God
and supported by a counselor, another teacher, and a principal who believed in me.

The situation is over.
My reputation is in tact.
I did NOT hit the student.
BUT, the accusation had to be investigated.

(One aspect he did not count on is that I could not hold a book in my right hand period,
let alone hit him with it,
because of the severity of my osteo-arthritis.
I would hurt myself far more, even if I hit barehanded,
plus there would be no force whatsoever in it.

What was he thinking to accuse me of such an action?
He wasn't.
His anger was in control and anger is not particularly smart.

By the way, he is now on out-of-school-suspension
for cold-punching another student
when he(the puncher) was supposed to be leaving the room.

 He chose to do this in the cafeteria in front of about one-third of our student body
and a male teacher who subsequently hurt his knee breaking up the resulting fight.

Anger renders this kid's ability to think useless.
while having  the potential to destroy others.
.I have been clipped,
but I've still got life in me
as the bush above does.

 Just as this bush  is venturing out--
putting forth shoots and branches
so must I continue to reach out in love
even to my enemies.

Easier said than done.

 Though I feel like I was buried this past week
I still have sustenance to give out as the thyme here does.

and I must not be prickly. :)

End of the Week Psalms

Here are some Psalm 'clips' that are intermittently at the bottom
of my Psalm pages in my Bible.

Lord, You are not only God, but You are my God.
Psalm 50:7

God, send Your light and Your truth, and let them lead me.
Let them bring me into Your presence.
Psalm 43:3

God, all of my hope and my expectation are in You.
Psalm 39:7

Blessings to you as you enjoy your weekend.


  1. I'm so glad everything turned out ok for you, and you were protected from false accusation. But I know you must be emotionally drained, so I hope you rest well this weekend. Read a good book, watch a good movie, take a nap.

  2. I'm so sorry you had to go through this. I'm glad it was all cleared, because something like this can really mess up someones life.
    Hope you have a good weekend.

  3. I am thankful it all ended well for you Beth - but sorry you are left hurting. A dear friend once gave me some advice when I was justifiably bitterly angry at someone. She said I should pray for that person. I followed her advice, albeit reluctantly, and found something amazing happened in the following days and weeks. My heart was somehow healed. I never was able to get things resolved, but somehow that simple act of praying for my "enemy" did a work in my heart.
    Have a restful, blessed weekend Beth.

  4. Whoa! That's dramatic and frightening! Teachers have to be saints these days--to keep returning to the classroom in spite of the dangers.

  5. Tears for your heart, Beth ... prayers for your safety and healing ...

    {your photos have become stories}

  6. beautiful, even tho, hard post.
    your first photograph of the door and latch with the peeling paint is lovely to me. anger can truly ruin lives. it can be caused by many different things, even chemical imbalances in the brain function. it is so hard to know what to do with anger. sometimes a good physical project, like cleaning the house is a good outlet. but, with young boys, it is usually a hole in the wall or something to that effect.

    my sister works in a small pre-school. she works part time in the kitchen. the school is mainly women workers, at least there it gets a bit catty. someone says something a bit in tiredness and the next thing you know it blows up into a bit thing. they have had meeting about being kind and all kinds of things. almost sounds like the kids start to drive them all a little bonkers some days.

    the kids are so afraid and needy and don't want anyone to know it.
    so they act out. you would be amazed to know how many are afraid of you and desire to be liked and accepted. no, that was not a typo...they are truly afraid of adults. adults are the ones that usually don't accept them or have time for them. adults are scary. and becoming one is really scary.

    what does that poster say...
    here it is

    it says,
    keep calm and carry on

    it's a brit thing. don't ya just luv it?

    if i made a poster
    it would say...

    don't fear the crap

    or something like that.

    good thing i'm not making a poster, huh?

  7. i like how you find your story pictured in outdoorsy things. whenever i do that, i breathe better. i need to do that more.

  8. Praying for you dear Beth. I pray you find rest and refreshment in Him this weekend,His healing presence in this situation at work and for your safety. Ps 27, Eph. 6 10-20


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