Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Corner view: What's for lunch?

This week's corner view is about what we eat for lunch.
At my school, some teachers buy the cafeteria food and others bring their lunch.
There are always several frozen entries in the freezer
put there by the teachers who don't 'bag' it or eat the cafeteria food.

For those who do 'bag it'
the lunch bags or sacks come in different shapes,
 sizes, and colors.

Our teachers' lounge is rather dreary and the chairs aren't super comfortable.
But it's away from the kids and so for thirty minutes we can relax.

However, sometimes I choose to eat in the privacy of my room
sitting in my comfy desk chair
with my feet propped up on another chair.

This is one of my lunch bags. 

I've read that the more color to a salad the better it is.
Mine is quite colorful!

Spinach, carrots, green peppers, zucchini, cherry tomatoes,
black beans,
sliced almonds, crumbled bacon, and feta cheese,
topped with light thousand island dressing.
I usually use Paul Newman's light raspberry and walnut vinaigrette.


My desk isn't usually so cluttered, but we left abruptly last week
due to flood waters, so I need to do some neatening up.

Normally, I don't have dessert, but the counselor,
who's a close friend,
made strawberry pie 
and gave me a piece
with whipped cream on top. 

So that's lunch in my corner of the world.

I hope you are having a wonderful week!

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  1. paul newman's, huh? well, long time no hear.... ;)
    but the inside of your box looks appetizing enough. yay for the lunches that are being brought in, i even love the tidiness in that fridge.
    you should see ours (at work)... oi, oi...

  2. This is a fun post! Your lunches look a lot like what we have at the nursing home, but we don't have an option for the cafeteria. We have to take a lunch.

  3. Yummy Beth!!! I think I'd like to pull up a chair and share that delicious looking salad. And that dessert - WOW!
    Have a wonderful day sweet friend.

  4. lots of color in that salad! (and the pie looks delicious : )

  5. Your lunch looks so much nicer than those ready meals! And the pudding....yummmy!!!

  6. Your salad looks so yummy! Love that spotty lunch bag hiding in the fridge too.

  7. Ha, I love the diversity of the lunch bags! And your salad looks absolutely delicious!

  8. Your salad looks so good! It was neat to see where the teachers hang out. Too bad the school doesn't give the room a fresh coat of paint & some comfy chairs. I liked all the colorful bags. Xo
    Ps you cracked me up on the big ants (berries)on my yogurt.

  9. Yum ... love raspberry dressing. Now I must go and have a bedtime snack!

  10. I can understand why you sometimes enjoy the quiet comfort of your own room. Just you and a scrumptious looking salad like that. Mjumm!

  11. Yum... Your salad looks GREAT, Beth... And of course, I'm sure that that strawberry pie was terrible.. ha ha

    I never enjoyed the "Teacher Lounge" either.. Too much gossiping and belly-aching!!!!! ha


  12. Paul Newman's (?!) vinaigrette away from kids sounds perfect :)


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