Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Rain and flooding

You are about to witness a typical spring day in Noble County
southeastern Ohio.

It rained continually today after a night of sporadic rain.

Our school is built in a low-lying area that floods easily
because of a large and significant creek that runs through our section of the county.

They should have dismissed early, but didn't---it was supposed to stop.
Our buses had to go through water to get to the elementary and middle schools.

The above is a picture of part of our playing fields (football, track, and baseball, softball).
It's taken from my car obviously.

I decided that since I would not 'melt' I should get out and take pics
minus the raindrops on my car window.

The above picture is of part of the football field. 
The church in the background in on the same lane
that leads to our elementary/middle school building.

This one came out with an odd shade to it, but it's a zoon in on the e/ms building.

No softball or baseball games or practices! 

There is a section of Seneca Lake that is closed off from the main part.
Several farms surround this area.
  A road to the right of this small section,
which leads to the farms, floods easily.

A swamp area at the end of the enclosed section of lake.
This swamp leads into a woods that leads to the pasture where the cabin is
that I've featured before. 
For those of you who remember my photos of the cabin I pass every day,
this is the bend near it. 
The swamp/wooded area is to the right of the road and  before the bend.

I worry about getting to this spot before it's covered.
I can turn around and go home in the mornings,
but in the evenings,
this IS my way home.

This is a tpical field I pass every day.
I passed many spots like this one on my home tonight.
With my side mirror in the pic, you can see that the road is level with the field.

As for tomorrow, a lot of us are hoping for a two-hour delay at the very least.
I could use the entire day off.

Thanks for the prayers.  Today was better.

Blessings to you all.


  1. Hoping for that delay for you, as well. Take care of yourself!

  2. every event canceled except for the swim team...

  3. It's looking awfully wet. Hope you get at least that delay!
    Glad the day went better. :)

  4. Uffda (to use a Norwegian expression)!

  5. WOW, you do need not only a umbrella but some good rain boots. That sure is a lot of rain. I hope the sun will be out soon for you. xo

  6. Wooooo Beth, You all really had the rain and floods... I'm so sorry. Glad you made it home though.. I'm sure that was scary.

    Hope you got to sleep in a couple of hours this morning...

  7. Yes, uffda!!! I have been struggling with getting my basement waterless this week ... finally today! First time ever this has happened.

  8. Wow! I am thinking of you. We've had "flood" days in the past, but after all of our snow days this year--I hope not now. You be careful driving through water.

  9. Oh my Beth - and we are so desperately in need of rain. We haven't had rain in more than two months. It has been the driest winter in 44 years. We just came out of a drought last year, and I'm praying fervently we don't have another.
    Wish we could relieve you of some of yours. Praying all will be well.

  10. As you posted yesterday I hope that the weather has improved and the flood water recedes. Safe driving, too. Glad you had a good day, otherwise.

  11. Goodness! We live on a steep hill, so we don't get floods, but when it rains heavily, landslides are not infrequent ...


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