Thursday, April 21, 2011

Spring rain, flooding, and other 'stuff '

Spring is finally saying "Hello!"

We have had an overabundance of rain.
I do wish I could send some out to those like you, Linda
who so need this rain.

School was dismissed at 11AM on Tuesday
and most of us ended up driving through at least some water.

Irritating how they wait to make a decision,
but that's one of the reasons I pay the money to fuel
this hulking metal called a Mountaineer
(second  reason is snow, and the last is my back and leg problems).

I know how to check if the water is too high
and it wasn't, so I drove through and arrived home safely.

Yesterday we were to go until 1PM
getting an early dismissal for our Easter Break.

 We never made it there. 
Flood waters and power outages (including the school)
kept us home.
I was relieved.

They were originally going to have a two hour delay.
I sat with my coffee and shook my head as I listened to the automatic phone message.

A two-hour delay combined with a two-hour early dismissal
would give us three hours of school with classes only twenty minutes long.

A lot of gas burned up in vehicles, especially the buses
for three hours of school
on a day when it was still raining.

Sense somehow crawled out from the corners in someone's brain
and they canceled.

Seneca Lake is flooded folks.
A lot of staff and students live around Seneca Lake.
Flood waters are dangerous.
Seems to me to be a "Duh!" moment.

But then I wouldn't want to be superintendent
or even principal,
so I will ease up.

I'm a bit disillusioned right now.
Can you tell?!

The boy got off without any punishment.
I was told I over-reacted.
I'm letting this halt in mid-writing,
because I don't like saying or writing negative stuff
and I'm still processing.

I've taken it to God
"to the throne not the phone"
as Joyce Myers says.
In my case, it's "to the throne not the Internet."

I think I need to get back in a church.
That's a huge step for me.
I've tried and I've faltered.

I will try again. 
Or I should say, I will DO it, not just TRY.

Thanks to the Linda of the need rain zone,
I'm enjoying hymns again
and missing singing them (with others).

I sing them at the computer with a cup of coffee in my hand
while I fellowship with George the cat and God.

However, I'm getting the definite sense that God wants me to fellowship
with flesh and blood ---with folks just like me and some not like me.

Oh what He is asking of me!

I guess Easter is a good place to start.

I'm okay, friends, just dealing with 'stuff,'
but I'm dealing, not sleeping it away.
That's good.

I'm eating right too.
That's good.

I'm exercising too.
That's good.

I'm seeking God.
That's good.

So seriously, I'm good.
Not great, but good.
And  for a sufferer of chronic depression,
good is acceptable.

I'm grateful for "good."


From The Mother's Topical Bible
the chapter "When You Need Personal Comfort"

Looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith;
who for the joy that was set before him endured the cross,
despising the shame,
and is set down at the right hand of the throne of God.
Hebrews 12:2


  1. your words of "the boy got off..." made me think of "scot free" and so i had to look it up. it was quite interesting.

    and reading that made me think of
    how Jesus allows us to get off scot free in a sense.

    good post and pretty purple blossoms.


  2. I thought you were going to church.

    We NEED rain. Are you following the fires? When they mention Possum Kingdom lake (160 homes gone, hundreds of thousands of acres destroyed) that's where John & Kim's lake house is. Houses on their street are gone, but as far as we know theirs is still standing. Fires not done yet.

  3. I had to take a minute and check out the link Nance posted: grace ... much grace.

    The Lord will contend with those who contend with us.

  4. What a lot of water! Glad they ended up canceling. I'm of the opinion that it's better to be safe.
    I can't believe he got away with this, but as S.Etole said - God will take care of it.
    Yes - find a church. People aren't perfect so you won't find a perfect church, but it's good to worship with others.

  5. May you have all grace as you trust in Him... for all of it.

    (What are those vines in the header photo? Roses?)

  6. God is so good, friend. you always remind me of this. may your easter be one that refreshes, as rain, the earth...

  7. I am so glad to hear you're doing better Beth. We had our first Easter Service last night (my husband and I sing in our choir). There was such a sense of His presence in that huge building filled with people - people rejoicing, people needing a touch from the risen Savior ...all of us needing Him. My prayer for you is that you will find a body of such people and feel that you have come home.
    Have a Blessed Easter Beth - filled with the peace and joy of His presence.

  8. Typical decision about the boy getting OFF scot-free... Good Gosh... It's no wonder that people don't want to teach anymore. GADS!!!!

    You are in my prayers.. I have worked for a church all of my life ---so I'll be the first to say that I KNOW all about the politics of church work, and how unchristian some people can act. IF you have had a bad experience, you are not alone. Many people have.

    My advice is to find a 'larger' church --with a fabulous preacher and great music. You can go to worship --and feel the spirit (and get 'fed' spiritually) WITHOUT feeling like you have to get involved with all of the other stuff... I'd try that for awhile IF I were you.

    I will never allow myself to get involved with any committee or anything else in a church where politics plays a part. Been there--done that...

    BUT--don't be an Easter and Christmas attender ONLY. Many people do that... If you want to see how spiritual and loving a congregation is, wait until the Sunday after Easter --when they are not putting on a big show.... (Just my opinion!)

    Glad they finally did call off school... Around here, they schedule very short days (because they can count it as an entire school day--to reach their total for the year) quite often it seems... Makes me wonder how kids EVER learn anything. AND--they talk about not having enough money to pay gas for the school busses... YET---they run those busses for those VERY short days... Duh!!!!

    Happy Easter.

  9. I heart my Mountaineer, too. How do you check to see if the water is too high? To the throne and not the phone is kind of convicting me tonight. I'm being given some pretty clear marching (or non-marching) orders through IP tonight. Isn't God just good that way?! That bad boy story is creepy. Yikes. And I'm praying that God leads you to a good church home where you can be family, warts and all.

  10. Hi Beth,
    Easter is a good place to start...with flesh and blood. Joy rising, hymns singing, maybe a trumpet or two?
    Hope your Easter is a lovely one and that you get to feeling better.


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