Saturday, April 30, 2011

Bug, blooms, and a new camera

Spring has come to my backyard. 
Along the side of the detached cement block garage
the previous owner
planted lots of lilies.

Their leaves begin
as sprouts
and then
by midsummer
huge bushels of green.

The flowers do not bloom
we're in full-fledge summer
thinking of fall.

I went exploring with a new camera.

I'm not into bugs
definitely not spiders.

I became fascinated
these inhabitants of my garden

The ladybug.

Now below is an unfriendly pair.
I honestly couldn't tell what they both were
until after I downloaded my pics.

I thought one of them was a spider,
but not wanting to get up close and personal,
I thrust my camera down into the leaves
(on zoom lens of course)
and this is what I got:

Who's winning?

My bet is on the spider,
but the other fellow is not going down without a fight.

I wish now that I stayed longer to see what happened.
Well---kinda---spiders do really creep me out!

Some blooms:

A mix of spring with a hint of summer ahead
a weed tossed in for more color.

Ain't Mother Nature grand?!"

My new camera is a Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS7.
It was a late Christmas present.

They were out of them when my husband went to buy me one,
so he gave me cash for it.
However, one day he was shopping and found this one,
so now I'm playing and learning.

It does well with movement,
which with grandchildren and cats
was an important factor in my decision.

Actually, my daughter did the research.

After a long day at school,
I head out with my new toy.
I breathe deeply
explore happily.



  1. Your camera takes nice pictures. I like the lady bug - not so much the spider!

  2. Adorable lady bug! And creepy spider fight... I love how you used your camera to capture these mini insect worlds that go unnoticed much of the time in our backyards.

  3. Do you love it??? I need to know...I still haven't gotten one.

  4. I love ladybugs... spiders not so much. I know intellectually that they're good, (some of them) but they still creep me out.

    Your camera, on the other hand, seems to be quite good! Must be a pretty good zoom to capture those tiny bugs and water droplets...

  5. Oh, I'm having camera envy here...given the beautiful BUGS in such clear focus!!! fun post! things are looking up over at your place :)

  6. What amazing pictures Beth! I am anticipating lots of lovely photos in the future.
    I have a fondness for lady bugs, but I feel the same way you do about spiders. I know they have their place, but I prefer if it isn't around me!

  7. Looks like you are learning your way around your new camera. Hope it brings you many hours of enjoyment.

  8. it takes good close-ups.
    the purple flowers are pretty, and so are the leaves.
    the last picture is a fun collage, and i like the way the long leaves cross the picture with their delicate curve.

    the new cameras do so many cool things, and they are so compact.
    good picture hunting to you.


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