Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A new use for a chip clip and Mike's birthday

A new use for the chip clip!

My son was over Friday night with the four kids.
My husband likes to horse around with the kids,
especially Colton.
Colton loves wrestling and rough housing with his Grandpa.
Mike is careful with the kids---I'm worry about Grandpa getting hurt!

We all got a laugh out of this moment including Colton.
(It didn't hurt.  I tried it before I posted this, so I could be 100% truthful.)

Mike turns 57 today.
He left for Cincinnati on Monday. 
I wanted him to wait until after his birthday,
but he wanted to get there and get stuff moved out.
He just wants this move done.

So I sent his card with him.
I'll cook his favorite meal (liver and onions--that's a yuck from me!) for him when he gets back
along with his favorite cake (German chocolate).
He'll get his gift then also.

He's not a big observer of birthdays--guess because his family wasn't.
However, mine made a huge deal out of birthdays,
 so we meet in the middle.

Off to start my week of school.  Vacation is over!


  1. The German chocolate cake sounds yummy. I'm sure it will be enjoyed together with the liver and onions! Happy birthday to Mike!

  2. just look at that 57 years young red haired lad giving his grandson some hands on fun. i am so glad that they came over to play for awhile.

  3. I overlooked the liver and onions, once I saw the german chocolate cake. Happy Birthday Mike!! I love how the boys are having a good time with one another. xo

  4. I used to LOVE liver and onions! Happy Birthday to your Mike!

  5. Happy Birthday to Mike! You captured such a sweet and fun moment between him and his grandson.

  6. Tell him Happy Birthday from us! That was Grandma's favorite cake!

  7. Happy Birthday to Mike!

    (And that sounds like something my dad would do. He used to clip clothespins to his ears. Now that did hurt!)

  8. Happy Birthday to Mike! I'm sure you'll both be relieved when the move is completed.
    Praying you have a good week Beth.

  9. Don't you just love the laughter and play when the grandchildren visit?

    Wish I had a piece of your German chocolate cake with a glass of milk!!

  10. Thank you for your kind words and encouragement! Nice to meet you!


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