Monday, August 29, 2011

Barn Charm #10 Southeast Ohio

My previous post was on a near-by animal preservation
called The Wilds.
The above is one of the barns that dot the 4,000 acres of presently used land.
(There is a total of 10,000 acres).

Below is a barn that is part of a fourth generation farm
(The fourth generation just graduated from  high school).

I come down off a steep hill to this scene on my way home from school
every day that school is in session.
I kept my antenna in this photo because I liked the sweep of land that showed.

There has been a lot of heart-ache in the family who owns and runs this farm,
but they persevere.

The road you see leads back to three more farms, but the road is private to those farms,
so I've not taken it.

This barn is across from the above farm. It's on the other side of Rt. 147,
the road I drive every day to school and back.
Another family owns this barn and land.  They have three farms spread out
in different areas of the county. 
 This is a third generation farm with no fourth planned.

I took these quickly today on my way home from school.
I wish I could have gotten more shots of them, but I value my safety. :>)

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  1. I like the way they are set into the hillside.

  2. I love that last view of that white barn...the one that includes the road leading back to more farms.

  3. Wow--lots of barns!!! I love them. I always enjoy seeing all of the different barns.

    My fav. is that 3rd picture.. It's just a great great picture of a beautiful white barn.


  4. I love that 3rd shot too. I like the way the barn is nestled into the hill. You have 3 different barns - all good!

  5. you found some great old barns!

  6. I love them all but the second one is my favorite.

  7. 10,000 acres! WoW! I can't imagine managing that much farmland. Great barns & boy, would I love to explore them both!!! =)

    Thanks for joining Barn Charm

  8. Great lovely shot. And I see a huge equipment inside the barn. A charm.

    Red Charm

  9. I do love the setting that second barn is in! It's hard to be in small farming these days. I wish that family all the best and hope other generations will recognize their devotion.
    Carletta@Round The Bend

  10. Beautiful shots! I think the second barn is my favorite.

  11. I think it's interesting to see the many barn shapes across the U.S. and Canada. I think it's wonderful that the forth generation wants to continue on. I wonder what will happen to the farm that has no planned fourth generation.

  12. You obviously have a big heart for those farms and barns... and the people who have controlled and been controlled by that whole phase of our culture.

  13. Wonderful shots.

    I especially like the second barn. It reminds me of so many of those that sit on dairy land.

    The last shot is a great perspective!



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