Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Barn Charm Southeastern Ohio Style

Last week I featured my husband's mother's family farm.

This week I'm featuring his cousin's farm (at least the barn part).
Her mother and Mike's mother are sisters.
Denise (the cousin) married into a farming family.
She and her husband took over the farm
from his parents
and are raising their children there.
Both girls have been active in 4-H
each year showing pigs at the Belmont County Fair.

Denise and her husband have full-time jobs elsewhere,
so the farm is not fully operational.
But they have kept up the century old farm house
and still do some minimal farming.

We were there a month ago for a family get-together.
I wondered off with my camera.

The following pics are what I took
before my camera told me
I'd reached my max of pictures.
(I had it on a too high setting and that cut my amount down).

Front View:

In the next photo you can glimpse at least one of the 4-H pigs.

This shows the barn from one side.
Below are certain features that 'caught my eye'.

I couldn't get a photo of another older building because my camera quit.
However, I did get one shot of the view behind the barn.
So peaceful.

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  1. that barn has a lot of good character.
    and the!

  2. What a great old barn! I love that it's still being used and that view is amazing! I also love that fancy feature on the siding!

  3. Wonderful old farm and barn. I'm glad you were able to wander off with your camera! Too bad about reaching your maximum photos - I've done that!

  4. i love when people personalize their barns with something different! i bet that little pig loves his a/c!

  5. What a great barn. Do you know what it was built? I'm guessing it's been in the family for a while?! Ya know, sometimes I forget to pay attention to the details & get shots like that... I'm going to have to get it together! LoL! =)

  6. It's neat how you are focusing, in more ways than one, on family history and using family "items" to enlarge the picture. And it does seem that it's in a lovely area.

  7. It's sad that small farms aren't that profitable anymore - yet they could provide far better food, quality-wise!

  8. It looks like it has many stories to tell. I love to imagine the lives of the ones who lived back then.
    Great pictures Beth.

  9. Great building. I love the dental wood trim along the top.


  10. HI Beth, Great barn pictures... Wouldn't it be neat to live in an old farmhouse??? I know it's alot of work --but wouldn't it be neat???? (And--I need to be about 30 yrs. younger!!! ha)

  11. i love seeing barns that are currently seeing lot's of action. this one is great!!!!

  12. I love the surrounding of your barn looks very peaceful and so quite. Happy Tuesday!

    Barn Charm

  13. I like the detail on the barn and the fact that you are noticing all of these things!

  14. Looks like a wonderful place to raise children! Just think of all the good times enjoyed on those acres!

  15. I don't know how I missed your Barn Charm...I thought I eventually got all the links clicked...I enjoyed getting all the views of this barn and knowing that is is in your that the doors are open and that one can look inside

  16. Love all your angles...and those piggies!!! A great red barn to capture in photos.


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