Monday, August 8, 2011

Barn Charm # 7

I pass this 'farm' every time I go to our place at Seneca Lake
here in southeastern Ohio.

The first photo shows you the old barn, out buildings,
and the old house.
All are abandoned.

Here's a close-up of the barn with its out buildings.

Two slightly different perspectives of the same barn.

Here is a photo of the old farm house.

Here is the 'new' farm house.

These smaller sheds/buildings look to be in use---

Finally a view looking back at it.
You can see the driveway between the two houses.
There are cows there, so someone is still doing something
(if that makes any sense).

Part taken in July and the rest in August of 2011.


  1. Beth - this is a great find! For some reason I love abandoned buildings and these are some good ones.

  2. A great series of shots...I like the first and fith ones where you can look right through that old house.The last one is interesting with the whole set up.

  3. i like the vines growing out of the upper windows of the old house.

    worked at the winery today. taking flat new cardboard wine cases, opening them and taping them...then filling them with new empty glass bottles, and stacking them on a wooden palate...ready for the upcoming bottling.

    cj is at camp.

  4. Nice! Interesting that the "new" house looks like it has been there for a long time too, at least the main part of it. Possibly there were two families living here when the farm was a going concern.

  5. I like that old farm house as well as the old barn too. Great find like this one!

    Barn Charm

  6. I bet that old farm house is haunted!

    Great shots!

  7. Beth, I so want to see inside of that old house...this is a great post.

  8. That must have been a stately house at one time ... terrific roof lines and windows for an old house.

  9. Great one, Beth... I always love looking at old barns.

  10. Another good find, Beth! Wow...The stories these old place could tell...*sigh*... Thanks so much for you kind visits to my place :o) Happy Week

  11. this is a real charmer - I love the old house too with that huge front porch! it makes me sad that these beautiful buildings stand abandoned, but I'm happy that you've captured them so beautifully with your camera lens. happy Tuesday to you.

  12. So good of you to stop and take the often I see these kinds of things along the roadside and just keep on trucking. The stories these farmsteads tell...

  13. oh wow, i love that old farmhouse and the way the light shines through the empty windows...that would be a beautiful place to fix up wouldn't it?!

  14. That whole scene is something I call 'a brake slammer' meaning as I'm driving down the road & spot that 3 story abandoned home & the barn & outbuildings... I SLAM ON MY BRAKES to get a few shots! WoW! That's a piece of property I'd LOVE to get my hands on... I'd explore for ages in that barn & old home... I bet they just can't bring themselves to destroy the place, so they leave it standing. Looks like it's been gutted, so probably not much to see, but I'd still love to get inside! =)

    Thanks so much for linking up this beauty =)

  15. Oh dear, it looks like someone else may have moved to the city to make their fortune.

  16. WOW!!! What a great find, Beth. I have really enjoyed seeing your last “generational” shot with the old and the “new” houses on either side of the road. That one is a real first for me. We are way out in the country, but I have not, as yet, spotted any like this. How the building are still standing with al of the windows out and the AC in the barn is a miracle. Guess the footings are really good. Loved your post. Genie

  17. Those old buildings have a story to tell. Think of the lives lived in that house (and it's so large!).

    It's too bad that someone didn't keep both buildings up. They both look as if they were fabulous when new.



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