Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Barn Charm #52

This is another barn out west of my small town.
It has a divided personality which you will eventually see.

These photos are taken from the west side,
heading back into town.

I had to make the picture crooked or else the barn was leaning
and it isn't in reality. (It was the angle at which I snapped the picture.)

This was taken from my car and the splotches are rain.
You can begin to see its other personality.

This prepares you for the next photos.
This one and the following ones were taken in July,
whereas the first three were taken in March.

This is coming towards it from town.
There is a tunnel of trees with a glimpse of a red house at the end.

This is the side of the barn facing east and the red house.

Front of the barn in July.
Honestly it is the same barn.

Hidden behind those bushes on the right was a rottweiler
who was not chained up or fenced in.

He greeted me in the tunnel of trees when I came back through.
Needless to say, I put my window up quickly,
but he took off back for home,
like he was in trouble for being where he was!

They are not taking care of the house any better than they are the barn.
The whole place has an 'air' of dilapidation and hard times about it.

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  1. it sure is getting a big ole' hug from the landscape....

    another one this week that looks like it is growing up out of the earth!!

    i really like the red, the last image is my favorite!!

  2. What a neat barn! You would never think that it was the same barn. I like the fence, and I love that shot of the red side with the green swallowing it up!

  3. A wonderful series of this old barn.
    My favorite shot is the white side with the grass and fence. Lovely light in that one.

  4. So sad! Times are hard for so many people so maybe that's the problem.

  5. Huge barn just wondering why it build right on the edge. Like it!

    Kim, USA

  6. Hard to believe that that is the same barn... Thanks for sharing all sides... Glad you got away from that dog!!!!! Sorry the entire barn/house is so dilapidated. Sad, isn't it?


  7. i find each time you post these that the trees and the hills are so beautiful...

  8. Great series of this barn. You wouldn't think it is the same one. I love the first one with the fence and the vines on the last one.

  9. An interesting set of photos. I'm always trying to work out how the road twists and turns so that you get shots of different sides of these barns. I like the way this one is tucked into the grassy bank and the one with the approach to the house seen through the tunnel of trees.

  10. I'm thinking the 4th shot is my fave for the 1st set of barn pics & that 2nd one has a definite mystery about it... love the red w/ all the vines! Beautiful & mysterious! LoL!

    Thanks for joining =)

  11. I love the fourth picture. It's spectacular!

  12. If you would have posted this as two different barns none of us would have known the difference. It looks like two totally different places. I like that fourth shot too, and the last with the ivy devouring the barn.

  13. That has quite a slope to it. You live in some beautiful country.

  14. You have barn after barn. I'm surprised when I see so many photos when we have so many farms/ranches, all over our state and the ones north and south of us, but not nearly as in-my-face. Quite an interesting area where you live.


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