Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Week of Colors:Red and Barn Charm #53

Francesca's Week of Colors
Tricia's Barn Charm Combo
Picturesque rusted red tractor in a farm yard in Ireland.
Note the lovely red flowers in the left-hand corner.

This barn is directly across from my high school.
The sheriff had to retire due to a few bad choices,
but he is still much loved and missed by many.

Note the red 4-wheeler peeking out from the side lean-to.

I love the pop of red in the roof, the shutters, and the block foundation with yet more red in the door.
They converted this barn into a bright, lovely, functional garage with extra space below.

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  1. nice assortment of barns for the day!

  2. They are both nice barns, one more ramshackle than the other, but both charming!

  3. Love the little red barn with its four wheeler to match!

  4. Lovin the flowers & great barn... love the old dark wood fence!

    Thanks for joining, Beth! =)

  5. lovely to see all those great barns!!
    and you picked some red with all red around it!!

    I love Ireland -well...I have (not) been there yet, but I would love to go!

  6. Although it is sad, it's good that the sheriff had to retire: in this country, there are plenty of people in public office who made heaps of bad choices.

  7. These are very charming barns! Love the shutters on the last one! Red is my favorite color on a barn.

  8. Barns sure do make nifty places for signs!

  9. I really do think red is the proper color for barns. These are delightful Beth.

  10. I love barns. I think I told you that!
    Glad you got the ash.
    Best of blessings to you, T

  11. nice barns, biut my favorite is the first one! That would look nice framed in your home.


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