Friday, August 10, 2012

Books and grandchildren

Last Saturday, the day before my return to Ohio,
my daughter and I took the Aaron and Abby
to a near-by shopping center.
I wanted to buy a book for each of them--
the type where I could record my voice
reading the book to them.

I read to them numerous times every day while I was there.
I wanted to be able to still read to them after I left.

Hallmark has a good selection.
However, no Hallmark was there,
so we went to Barnes and Noble.

I had to ask a salesclerk where they were---ended up
they were in three different spots.
I chose some and brought them to a kiddie table.

Meanwhile Aaron had found this book
and his mom was buying it for him.
Aaron LOVES anything about construction.
(This turned out to be an awesome interactive book!)

Aaron showing Grandma the construction book.

Aaron looking at mommy (behind the camera).

These are the two books we ended up with.
One on left -- Aaron
and one on right---Abby
I recorded them Sunday before I left.
I did not think they were as user friendly as the Hallmark book
I had recorded last year.
In fact, I found them frustrating.
But Sara has reported that they love them and have listened to them

 I don't have a good picture of Abby and Sara at the bookstore--at least
not downloaded yet.
So here is one of them in the kitchen.

I'm off to babysit a sick Ohio grandchild in near-by Cambridge.
Addy, age 4, is sick with fever and sore throat.
She is at the doctor's right now,
so I'll know more when I get there.


  1. You're making good use of the time left before school starts again!

  2. A good choice of books and I'm sure the children love hearing you read to them by recording the story.
    I hope the little one is soon feeling better.

  3. good book idea! and i love love love your outfit...
    Lots of Love to you and Addy.

  4. I was noticing your pretty outfit, too. What a fun idea the books are for your grandchildren. Hope the little one that is sick is soon well.

  5. I think those books are such a great idea! I'll have to do one for Alaina when she gets a little older.
    I love your outfit too!
    Hope your grand daughter is better soon.

  6. How wonderful! And teaching children to love books is so important!

  7. Every time I wear that skirt, I get similar reactions. I usually wear a bright top with it and that necklace. Women complimented me that whole day like even in the grocery store. I do feel good in it--upbeat and well, just me.

  8. I love the idea that they can have books read to them by grandma, even when she's far away!

    (And I love your outfit too, as well as Abby's darling seersucker dress :)

    (Saying a prayer for Addy's quick recovery.)


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