Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Corner View: Flora

The definition of flora, according to Webster,
is plant life of a particular region or time.

I am going to stretch that definition a bit.
If you were to come into my home---my 'region'
during the summer and early fall,
you would see the following:
small vases of flowers cut from my flower beds.

I call the vases posy vases
and I have a nice collection.

When we went to Ireland,
I looked for posy vases to buy and bring home.
I knew that they would be a useful and comforting way
to remember the trip.

I stick them all over the house.

This is in my computer armoire.
Notice the glimpse of a painting.
Granddaughter Peyton painted it.

Here is the vase used in another setting.
This vase is from Ireland.
I often use my coleus (the colorful variegated leaves)
and my herbs.
The spearmint is an especially nice 'filler' and smells wonderful.
I also use thyme, basil, marjoram, rosemary, and lavender.

This vase I bought at an antique store.
This is either coleus or a sweet potato vine (the the kind that bears fruit).

Here it is in the kitchen with bright yellow daisies.

Can you tell where this one came from?
Ireland, of course!
Some of these flowers are from my anniversary bouquet.
I always dismantle the bouquet when it starts to fade
and I put the still perky flowers and the fillers
like baby's breath
in my small vases.

This is on the part of the counter
where my coffee pot is.

I bought this unique one this summer at the Farmer's Market here in town.
A lady uses old silverware and shapes the pieces into vases,
napkins holders, candle holders, and recipe holders.
It is ideal for a single rose.

I'm not sure where this vase came from but it is the one
that fits nicely in the only spot in the bathroom where I can set one.
That's rosemary sticking out.

Another vase from Ireland with basil buds.

I bought this one at the thrift store.

Again this one is from Ireland and 'pretties'up
the catch-all corner in our kitchen.

For more views of flora,
check out Francesca's fuoriborgo.

 I will be posting sporadically if at all
for a few days.
I fly out to Dallas, Texas this afternoon.
I will be visiting my daughter Sara, her husband Jory,
and the darling Texas grandkids Aaron and Abby.
I will be back on Sunday.
Mike is staying home.
He is very busy at work and can't leave right now.

I'll check in when I get back.


  1. beautiful vessels and beautiful flowers, too. so lovely to have so many bright and cheerful flower faces around the house.

  2. I love having flowers around me too. They brighten up every space. Lovely photos!

  3. it would be good to put this in writing on paper. there are things we surround ourselves with that have meaning to us that others would not see or understand why we have them there. it's kind of nice to see what they mean to you. my mom left little notes with some of her things that told the story. interesting stuff.

  4. you have safe travels, beth, and a glorious stay in dallas. wear some flowers in your hair now...
    {oh, no, that's SF}

  5. wow ... this is quite a colloction and very pretty. I do the same with boquets, dismantling them :)

  6. I love that idea Beth. Now if I could just grow some pretty flowers!

    It will be fun to think of you just up the road a piece! Have a wonderful visit.

  7. I love your posy vases! They brighten your house with pretty flowers and wonderful memories!

  8. what a beautiful collection of vases you have ! vases are something i think i need to start collecting ! i just have one big one ... and one small one that i never remember about ! but i love cut flowers and i have ones in my garden that i could bring inside ....

    hmmm ... i might start keeping my eye open for vases !

  9. lovely vases (posy is so right for them!) and flowers! I should have more flowers at home, they really bring happiness in.

  10. I'm too always taking "flora" inside to enjoy! Have a good visit with your daughter and grandchildren, Beth!

  11. So many nooks and crannies in your house, all brightened up with flowers!

    I love that idea, but it's not feasible here - the bunnies have mighty jumping powers. I've found them eating from vases on the table even. Grr.

    A little getaway is just what you need! Have fun!


  12. What a collection of fun little vases. Flowers are such day brighteners. Blessings as you travel and visit.

  13. WONDERFUL collection of vases! I loved each flower in each vase. Your house must be very pretty with all the flowers in all the corners. Yours is a literal corner view!

  14. My favorite is the blue and white vase :)

    Hope you're having a lovely visit. (I posted a little something about you)

  15. Loverly, of course.

    When I'm traveling to other countries or states, my tendency is to purchase art glass of some sort. When I'm alone I do it for Dave, since he's a glass lover. When together, we still try to get something lovely like that. It's fun, isn't it, to have bits and pieces that will make us smile and remember joyous times?


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