Monday, June 30, 2014

A visit and memorabilia

This is what my living room looked like
after my brother, sister-in-law, and I
went through boxes of Dad's and Mom's stuff ----
They took a minuscule amount back to Colorado
with them,
including some of Dad's sermons.
I have empty boxes
that I am going to use to help me  organize this into:
Pictures of my kids and grandkids -
Pictures of  dad, mom, the brothers, and me - 
Sermons to give to the kids -
Pictures and written stuff of Dad's and Mom's
Stuff having to do with his WWII experience -
Throw out - 

I've started but need to get much further today.
I ended up really getting into the movie 
The Life of Pi
and I didn't want to look away from it.
(I thought I'd sort and watch a movie
at the same time. Ha! Ha!)

 Here is my sister-in-law Cindy and my brother David
We spent a huge chunk of the day this past Saturday the 28th
at the house going through stuff
and talking and catching up with each other.

I kept lunch simple:  ordered subs from Subway.
My husband went in and got them.
I added a fruit salad and chips.
There were cake and cookies for dessert

We went out to dinner at a place I had never been,
but Mike had.
It's called Food with Jane after her catering company.
It's a small, but dressed-up restaurant
with excellent food.

It was a wonderful day.


  1. It can be hard going through things like that, but you made it into a celebration. Glad you were able to do it together.

  2. Hi There, We are home from a trip to the gorgeous West VA mountains --where we celebrated our anniversary... I'll be blogging about this time for awhile --since it was so special.

    Sounds like a wonderful day with your Brother and Sister-in-law...It's so much fun going through old photos and other memorabilia.... A few years ago, I 'organized' all of the old photos which I inherited from my parents... Lots of work--but so much fun.


  3. i like how much light there is in your sitting room. really nice and happy.


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