Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Corner View: in my wardrobe

These two pics show the brightness and range of colors in my wardrobe.  Just a few of my scarves are showing. Below is a close-up  esp. of two of my bright skirts.

These are some winter clothes and some things that are too small, but that I won't get rid of.
More scarves

I have a dresser full of t-shirts and sweatshirts.
Some purses and bags.

I share my wardrobe with my scrap booking and craft material.
The closet  extends the width of the house and is used for storage of household items, more craft stuff, pictures, and my shoes and boots.
We were blessed to find an 1878 farm house with so much storage (we have two other  walk-in closets, though they are not as huge as this one.)

For more of what's in our wardrobes, go on over to Francesca's.


  1. ENVY!

    I have only a free-standing wardrobe. I long for a "closet room" for our house, a room that we all share as a closet with lots of light mirrors and a permanent space for the ironing board!

  2. Your closets are huge...lucky you!

  3. My dad's old house used to have a closet like this is was perfect!

  4. The color of my clothing is mostly black and gray. In addition I have a couple of colorful T-shirts in orange or pinkt, so it is not so monotonous.

  5. What a fantastic closet! It's larger than all of mine together! And, yes, I too have clothes that are too small (and some too large) that I refuse to toss. In fact, I think if you looked at the sizes on my clothes, you'd find everything from 4 to 16!

  6. Lots of good closet space there and enjoyable colors.

  7. Hi, Beth! In answer to your question on my blog, the color is Glidden's Tangerine :-)

  8. Hi, I love that home ---and love what you have done to it to give yourself more storage space.. AND--it's so organized... Love it...

    When I was working, my wardrobe looked similar to yours even though I mostly wore pants to work.. I also coordinated my sock colors and jewelry with whatever color my blouses were...

    These days --it's jeans and sweatsuits in winter and shorts and t-shirts in summer.... ha


  9. wow! you have clothes (and store room), lady! :)))


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