Friday, October 3, 2014


View: I featured this window yesterday.  It was open and had no furniture or drapes.  Today I feature the view from it.  This was at the beginning of spring as you can see with the forsythia bush.  We have a set of three windows that we have utilized with trunk and a cat's perch.  The view is one of birds' feeders.  This is completely different from the view at the other house.  It was out on a dilapidated building in the front and an auto body shop on the back---not so great.  In fact my grandson once asked why we lived in a junk yard (the  cars at our neighbor's waiting to be repaired.)
That view colored my view of everything in my life.  I was sliding down into a depression through which I looked at life.  I finally told my husband to move me anywhere with an extra room and away from the body shop or I was going to  break down.  He agreed to the farm house( which he had been doubting although I was open to a smaller, less expensive  house on another street).  My view is colored now with trees, birds, deer, and regular houses (across the way). And my view of life is much better.
31 Days

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  1. Amazing how much better we feel when we have a NICE view of what is going on outside around us. Your new home is AWESOME. But--I'll bet that your kitties go crazy watching those birds... ha



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