Monday, October 13, 2014

Our homecoming 2014

  Our homecoming was Friday.  I am in charge of it because I'm Student Council's advisor.  We start with decorating for the dance and then there is the pep rally.  We had three relay races.  The first one pictured is passing a football with your feet.  The next one is passing a hula hoop while holding hands. The teams represent each class: freshmen, sophomore, junior, and senior.
Then Friday night are pictures, riding in trucks around the field, walking across, and the crowing of the 2014 Homecoming  Queen.

Part of the crow at the rally

The five seniors and three underclassmen - junior, sophomore, and freshman

The five seniors vying for queen

I've included some photos of the trucks.  People are proud of their trucks  around here and they were shining despite the rain.

Check this girl's skirt out.  It was metallic in three colors.
She got it at TJ Max.

The crowning of the  queen.
She goes to vocational school and is quite nice.

The rain came straight down steady but not hard and there was no wind, so
it was bearable.

Hope you have a wonderful  week!


  1. Obviously the rain didn't stop all of the fun. Beautiful girls... And your job must be huge---being in charge of all of that... Most people have no idea all of the extra work teachers do --because they love their jobs and love the kids... God Bless You, Beth.


  2. i almost feel in a movie. these rituals are so north american, and we know them only from television or cinema. and look at that rain... for good luck, i guess... n♥


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