Friday, October 3, 2014

Five-minute Friday: New

  Newness of life.  The  easy association is the birth of a  baby.  But there are other times when we can feel that it's all new.
 I  remember when I  went back to college at age 39.  It was not only new in terms of my age, but also in terms of technology and the manner in which things were done.  I remember having to email my paper to my biology professor.  I was 41 and totally lost in science.  (I rued that decision made back in freshman year not to take my science courses  -  I was 40 when I took chemistry.)  It seems so easy now, but back then it was new. I had a computer but was 'all thumbs' with it though a friend had set me up on a computer and set up an email account for me. However, I  didn't know how to attach a document and then mail it.  It was a fiasco.
The other day the other English teacher was telling me how the kids taking the dual-college-credit course did not know how to email an attachment and that most did not have an email account.  I could relate although considering their  technological savvy, I  was surprised.
Now we have i-pads at school and the younger teachers are doing all kinds of things on them.  For me though, it is still new.
Five-Minute Friday and 31 Days of Writing


  1. It is, this technology, new everyday we open our eyes. This is because someone somewhere is always improving it. Or expanding it, or, whatever those myriad little geeklings do with those big BIG brains of theirs on a daily basis, bless them! It might give us pause when we buy a smartphone that is out of date a month after one buys it but it's truly fun, too. I enjoyed your post about New very much indeed. Recently, my 41 year old graduated from Berkeley so I know how hard it was to go back to college for you! I'm a visitor from FMF.

  2. Hey, I got my degree late too! The technology was hard, especially since we had to buy our books and they were online. I hated not being able to hold the book and mark the pages. Good for you for learning something (probably a lot of things) new. I am so glad that I did.


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