Tuesday, February 1, 2011

back home

 arrive home
at 11 pm
snow has melted
but the drizzle
that began
while we unloaded
quickly coated the walkway

get the salt
says hubby
as he rushes to unload the trailer
of its hefty cardboard boxes
before they are soaked

i unload the inside truck
we trundle back and forth
under the glimmering light
of the free standing garage

the cats meow
from the upstairs screened-in porch
where i put them
so basement door could be kept open
and we not trip over cats
anxious to show us
how missed we were

plants in dining room are unhappy
i forgot to water them before i left
i remedy that only to drown them
winging a silent sorry to my departed mother-in-law
as i mop up water from her antique dry sink
then i take scissors and clip the dead leaves
i catch up in one place only to find i'm behind in another

but we're home
for this is indeed home now
much smaller than the other place in cinci
but it's safe, snug, and filled with our personalities
blending ever so gently once again

happy sigh


  1. Hi Beth, Glad you all made it home safe and sound. Are you in the path for this latest wicked storm --bringing ice and more snow??? I hope not.. BUT--I will pray for you all--and hope that you aren't in its path. We are fine here ---may get some rain, but that's it.

    I know that the kitties are glad you are home.


  2. Catching up with you here after a short weekend away myself. So glad you're home safely... be careful in all that snow and ice! (I had to laugh at the mental picture of you drowning those plants : )

  3. in phoenix until tomorrow, using peter's old laptop to check in. i miss using a mouse.

    Love to you...

    do you have a twitter account?

  4. home is the best place to be ... glad you are safe

  5. Glad you arrived home ok after your time away.

  6. Ah home... The older I get, Beth, the more I like small, snug and cozy. I'm glad you're safely home.
    Here's hoping the plants perk up!

  7. sounds like a lot of work but there's such relief in knowing that it's done, right? Hope this current storm isn't keeping you on a slippery slope.

  8. Welcome home. I sure understand that one!


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