Tuesday, February 8, 2011

More of Dillon and a birthday

 Actually Scruffy was happier than she looks here.  She would often seek Dillon out and lie next to him.
If I sit in my recliner, Scruffy immediately joins me.  This time we had company.

 Dillon didn't stay long on my lap, bouncing down to get into something else.  This was Sunday morning and I was still showing signs of exhaustion, but was happy and no excess pain--just tired.  I could not have kept Dillon overnight if I was by myself--my patience level decreases with less rest as does my energy level.  I've had to say no to babysitting too many times because of being worn out after teaching all week. 

Now that Mike is here, we have been able to keep them more which has been nice all way round.

The next picture Mike took on my birthday last year.  I have several of me in this setting, but I like the more serious pose best.   What are my eyes saying?

 Here's one taken the same night.  I'm leaning on the shoulder of the love of my life: my hubby Mike.  It's not the best picture of him, but I like the pose and the "we belong here" look in our faces.
So why the pictures?  Well, it's my birthday again.  I am 57 now.  After you have a cancer scare which I did at age 25, you tend not to hide your age, because each birthday is truly seen as a gift.

I am home from school today--Snow! Praise God!  This was a great birthday gift although I sincerely doubt that Mother Nature arranged it for me! :)  I hope to catch up on a lot of school work, bills, etc. and also sneak a nap in.  They didn't cancel school until I had been up for quite awhile, having awakened early despite knowing it was a two-hour delay morning (we got that call last night).

When I taught at a junior high in Cincinnati, one year we had secret pals.  One of the times we were to remember was the person's birthday.  I received a cute little book entitled Happy Birthday! 

 I got the book out today and am going to share some thoughts and sayings from it.

"To avoid old age, keep taking on new thoughts and throwing off old habits."  American Proverb

"Life is change. Growth is optional.  Choose wisely."   Karen Kaiser Clark

"We all grow old.  It's up to each of us individually to grow better and deeper."  anonymous

"The small moment is the carrier of God's most endearing gift.  It must not be permitted to slip away unsavored and unappreciated."  Gerhard E. Frost

"Would I wish to be young again?  No, for I've learned too much to wish to lose it."  Pearl S. Buck

"As long as love flourishes in the center of your heart, you are young.
So, long as you radiate beauty, hope, cheer, and courage to your fellowmen, so long you are young."
                          John Greenleaf Whittier

(I've been surprised to see how many of his quotes pop up in inspirational books.  Before this year in American literature, I barely knew Whittier had existed.  I mean, the name would ring a bell in my head telling me "this was a famous writer," but I didn't appreciate him until I taught about him.  I didn't realize he was an abolitionist either.)

Last quote (I hope to be this lady someday)----
                "She wore age so gracefully, so carelessly,
           that there was a sacred beauty about her faded cheek
          more lovely and lovable than all the bloom of her youth.
                              Happy  woman!
                 Who was not afraid of growing old."
                       Dinah Maria Mulock Crair

Hope you have a happy day!  I'm planning to!  Oh--on more note: I received lovely earrings in the mail
yesterday from my daughter and family in Texas.  Beautiful and different.  I am thrilled--I really like
jewelry--it doesn't have to be expensive---just a little different than the norm. :)


  1. happiness and Love to you on this your birth day :-)

  2. Happy Birthday, Beth.. Glad you got a day-off.... That was a gift from God for sure...

    Love your pictures-especially the one of you and Mike together.. NEAT!!!!

    The quotes are great.. Love the one saying that we all grow old. BUT--what we need to do is to grow better and deeper... SUPER!!!!

    Have a wonderful birthday.

  3. Hope your day is very special - and I'm glad you get a day off! Your pics are great - and so are the quotes! Happy Birthday!!

  4. Gerhard Frost is one of my favorite writers and it is rare to see him quoted ... thank you for that gift.

    Blessings for all you are and all you will continue to grow and be ... Happy Birthday!!!

  5. The happiest of birthday's to you, dear Beth!

  6. Happy Birthday dear Beth!! How lovely that you got a day at home. Seems Providential to me!
    I hope you have the happiest of days.

  7. Every blessing on your birthday and glad you got a day at home!

  8. Have a beautiful and spirit-filled birthday.

    I haven't visited much before and was so delighted to find myself here on your 57th -- which is what I turned in December. Welcome to the best year of your life yet!



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