Thursday, February 24, 2011



pieces dropping
others dangling

head drooping
eyelids heavy
mouth curved downwards
lines tight around its edges

steps falter

"just let me go home!"
she pleads.
she knows that
once there
her body can crawl
to comforting bed

she can slip beneath
the protection of a grandma's quilt

and hopefully
find the relief
of dreamless sleep

"My flesh and my heart faileth: but God is the strength of my heart,
and my portion for ever."    Psalm 73:26

part of imperfect prose on thursdays


  1. Ohhh, I'm so sorry you're shredded, forlorn, chastised, steps faltering... hoping a night's sleep will bring some restoration to you. Sending you a hug, and prayer. And I love that verse...

    Your header is such a peaceful scene... and such a beautiful photograph.

  2. i picture a little girl, exhausted.
    i picture a person, at the end of life.
    i picture leaves, in nature, at the end of their season.
    beautifully placed words.

  3. Interesting writing. I see a teenage student who has had a 'bad' day at school, already exhausted because of a difficult lifestyle, seeking refuge with her grandmother substitute 'mother figure'. I'm so glad that I can seek refuge in my Father's arms and, knowing Him, can be a there for others.

  4. Oh that desperation to get home to crawl under the quilts. Yup! I guess we all know that feeling.

  5. ah yes.. all worn out.
    so tired.

    this week went fast for me.
    short days yet.
    and peter has been traveling
    we got a call yesterday that his dad is not doing well
    pick up peter tomorrow at the airport

    peter's dad is tired...very tired.

  6. the relief of dreamless sleep...I've been seeking that for my own shredded heart.

  7. oh friend... take comfort in that quilt, in that sleep, in his arms.... praying tomorrow is a better day.


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