Monday, February 14, 2011

Upbeat day, flowers, and a granddaughter's soon-to-be-birth

much more upbeat today
God sent me three strays
they need an escape
from the high school drama
playing in the study hall
and even the library

happens they are bright and responsible
 have their work done
need to occupy their minds
so eagerly they grade papers for me
multiple choice
and one or two word answers
unintrusive of other students' privacy

the one girl glow
as she talks
and i'm better for her presence

the other two banter with each other
and with me
i know the girl needs the safety of my room
but the boy?
he was sliding down hill at the beginning of the year
in over his head
dad ran interference
and his son's descent was halted

the boy has now gained ground
is doing much better academically
but he and his girlfriend broke up
so i guess my room is his refuge
for now

they're welcome as long as they want to be
i'm seeing light out of the pile of papers
a "whew!" and a "praise God!" simultaneously

the flowers are from my birthday bouquet from hubby
I highlighted some:

 tommorrow my daughter is scheduled to have her daughter delivered
by c-section
the joyous occassion is scheduled for 12:00 texas time
1:00 ohio time
unless she's bumped by someone else's emergency

please pray for sara, husband jory as they meet their daughter Abigail Elizabeth
and for the little 'big' brother waiting at home
you can see her at theallensbaby
she is 35 and my first born
i love her dearly
and i will be waiting for that phone call tomorrow

i will walk in faith
but i'm human
and i'll walk easier when i hear the good news

in closing
since today's valentine's day
i'll show you what my wonderful neighbor brought me
on my birthday

hope your day was happy
thank all  of you who reached out to me
blessings and love to you


  1. The flowers are beautiful! How exciting to have a new grand baby!
    I can tell you are a wonderful, caring teacher.

  2. praying for your daughter tomorrow and the new little granddaughter that is coming! i know that you are so excited to welcome that new one into the world.

  3. Glad things are looking better on this day ... I see a "dove" in that plate of birthday goodies ... He shows up in such unexpected ways!

    Blessings, Beth.

  4. Looking forward eagerly to the news of little Abigail's safe arrival!

  5. Remembering you and your family in prayer. Glad you had some help with the multiple choice papers and you were a listening ear.
    The birthday bouquet and neighbour's gift are special. Looking forward to your news!

  6. Very sweet. I am glad your day was better.

  7. Happy Belated Birthday!

    And welcome to this world, little Abigail Elizabeth. That's a wonderful name :)

  8. Happy Birthday to you dear Beth! I'm so glad things are looking better. God is so good.
    Praying for your girl and that precious little one.

  9. Any updates? Everything okay with your daughter and baby Abigail?

  10. You did have a great day filled with blessings!! Beautiful flowers, goodies, helpful students (whom you will mentor, I'm sure) and a new grand! Hope she arrived with no complications! Hope your week will be just as blessed!

  11. so excited for you and sara... praying... hoping it all went well, and you now have a new granddaughter in your arms. xo

  12. Happy Belated Birthday! Love the flowers. Hope the new arrival is safe and sound!


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