Monday, July 9, 2012

Barn Charm #47

The road to Seneca Lake from Barnesville
is a winding, hilly road that twists into hairpin turns
and dives down just to instantly climb again.
There is one particular section that always 'takes my breath away'.
There are two homes on a long curve
that have incredible views down into a valley of farm land.

I decided to try and capture the view.
I do not feel that I did it justice,
but I decided to feature it anyway.

The first shot originally showed the road and part of my car,
but I cropped those out.
I am actually on a high hill although it doesn't look it.

Here I zoomed in a bit more.

The light was not as good on this one,
but it does show two of the barn settings.
You can barely see the second barn with its silo in the upper right-hand corner.
It is part of another farm that is further from the first farm
 than it may seem.

Here is yet another barn setting.
This one came in clearer.

The road that leads down to these farms
is called New Gottengutt Road
and has many Mennonites and a few Amish
homes and farms on it.
There are a few with full electricity and modern conveniences also.

I feel quite blessed to live in the hills of southeastern Ohio.
A drive to the lake or to work
is never boring.

For more barns, please click below:


  1. I love seeing the scenes from your hills. You've shared some beauties today!

  2. That is a beautiful part of the country! I love the perspective in that last pic!

  3. I wish I had been traveling with you...looks like a fun place to ramble in.

  4. Gorgeous scenery! I like the long, sloping roof on that barn!

  5. What a beautiful area you live in.

  6. Love the rolling hills. Great barn in the last photo. Is that sheep I see in the field?

  7. I enjoy seeing landscape shots, Beth and yours give a good idea of the area.
    I like the glimpse of water on that close-up shot of the farmstead, too.

  8. yes, what a beautiful setting!

  9. i love your angle of the shots. such views. love the clouds & clear blue skies. (:

  10. Great scenes. Your header photo is great too!

  11. Certainly lots of scenic views... Beautiful countryside, esp w/ barns dotting the landscape!

    Thanks so much for joining =)

  12. yep...that's a really good set of views. nice and green.

  13. Beautiful countryside, Beth . . . country that I've never seen - but would love to visit!

  14. The very few times I have been through Ohio, VERY few, I've only been on I-80. I've never seen part of your state that I'd enjoy so much. Oh, well. Maybe some day. [The "Interstate" comment is true about nearly every state; they needed to be built in the simplest locations so army, etc., trucks can move fast...BUT as a tourist now it's just too boring... but I'm also always in a hurry when heading out on a trip, so I guess I should be grateful. Oh, well. Still want to see something lovely in your area, though.]


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