Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Corner View: Grass

I'm experimenting with ornamental grass.
I planted some last summer and it did well through the winter.
Here are three plants new to my garden this year.
The middle one is an annual,
(which I didn't realize at the time)
so it won't last through the winter.
However each of the ones flanking it are perennials.

This is a close-up of what is called "Maiden Grass."

It will not bloom this first year
or so the nursery lady told me,
but this shows you what it will look like in full 'bloom'.

Here's the info I rely on when buying.
I think this will suit my needs just fine.
It's apparently hard to 'kill'--sometimes my thumb is green;
other times it is very brown!

We did some tearing up of the old 'patio' and built a new one.
(Photos of it will be for another time).
In the process, a big area of grass was killed.
So my husband spread dirt, sprinkled grass seed,
and covered it all with hay.
Then it rained---Hurray!

Hubby also tore down a deteriorating wall by the garage
and planted grass there.

A close-up of wonderful grass.
For more views on grass,
please check out Francesca's


  1. We have several types of grasses here and I really like them. They are easy to grow and add a lot of vertical interest.

  2. that should fill in the space very nicely...

  3. That new grass is growing really well, Beth... Glad you got some rain...

    I like your Ornamental Grass also. Very pretty.


  4. nice grass, that garden looks really welcoming.

  5. experimenting with ornamental grass ... sounds great !

  6. I always think ornamental grasses are so pretty rippling in the wind. Nice to see the green grass sprouting, too.

  7. I an trying to get an ornamental grass started here this summer. Most aren't hardy for this zone, but this one is supposed to be good to -30. We'll see!

  8. I didn't know about ornamental varieties of grass - grass in our farming community is mainly considered "weeds"!

  9. grasses are such a nice alternative for filling spaces, especially large ones.

  10. Many folks use ornamental grasses around here ( REAL grass just won't grow, and when it does, it gets eaten by bugs or killed by the sun and drought.) I envy your ability to simply throw seed in the ground and bring forth emerald green!

  11. I've always liked patches of soil where new grass comes up. So delicate!


  12. I'm glad someone is getting rain.
    We actually had a thunderstorm last night with more than a sprinkle - hurray. We just need a lot more of it.
    I love ornamental grass, so pretty and natural and low maintenance.

  13. what an interesting lesson here, beth! our grass has grown from the seed, thankfully. but if ever i experience trouble in the grass lands, i might come to you. or your husband! ;)))

  14. I have tried to have more and more of the oriental grasses. Even the ones that are listed as annual, sometimes become perennial. Depends how icy it gets, I guess. Would love to have more... and more... and more...


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