Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Corner View: Tables

This week's corner view's topic is tables.
We were to feature a table or tables that had special meaning for us.

I chose three.
The first one came with this house.
We bought this 1915 Craftsman from ninety-some-year-old Mrs. Smith.
(Smith is truly her name).
She was willing to sell some of her furniture with the house
and as Mike would still need ours in Cincinnati,
 I would need to get some for this little house.

For some reason, I 'fell' for this table.
It needs refinished--the varnish is messed up in places.
But it is a drop leaf that pulls out to seat 4 comfortably and 6 a little cramped.
However, it has two extensions that makes it possible to have 6 adults and 5 children
around it and room for possibly two more--
we put it to the test at Christmastime.

This is looking into the living room.
Scruffy decided she wanted to be in on the action.

I'm standing between the two rooms and looking toward the French doors
that open onto a porch.

I really like the legs and it's easy to extend them--they just pull outward.

Next is the kitchen 'pub' table.
We needed more counter space and also a place to perch.
It took me a year before I found this.
It actually opens up into an oval shape,
but our kitchen is too small for that.
We rarely eat here, but it makes a great place to make sandwiches
and all sorts of other foods.
This is also where granddaughter Peyton sits and cuts up veggies
for dinner.
This too is a drop-leaf..

Last is the table my father made many, many years ago.
He made it as a school project and was quite proud of it.
It was always in a main hallway in each of  my parents' homes.

At some point, also many years ago, I asked if I could have it
when the time came to split up such items among us three kids.
(My parents encouraged us to tell them what we wanted most).
This table not just represents Dad,
 but also the home Mom and Dad made for us.
Mom was good at turning a parsonage into a home.
She was able to personalize each room, so that the minister's family
before us faded and the home represented us.
Part of that personalization was this table.
I cherish it.

It resides on my side of the bed and has some of my most precious books
on the shelf under the table part.
The shelf is a v-shape so that books nestle in there
with their spines visible and their titles easily read.

I would say this is the one piece of furniture that I would not want to part with.
It is not monetarily valuable,
but to me,
it is priceless.

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  1. a lovely little tour of your house comes with this weeks theme, beth! drop leaf tables are the best, i have none.
    actually? that's a lie. i'm sitting at one, the sides are just always pulled... ha ha ha..

    your dad's piece is stunning. the memories make it a much cherished table, and it shows.

    {i chuckle at your comments though}. ..
    happy continuation of those summer hols!!

  2. Oh I do like those old tables, you just can't get that kind of quality these days without paying a fortune. The one by your bedside is extra special :-)

  3. Your home looks very inviting. lovely stories behind your tables!

  4. Three nice tables with fabulous stories!

  5. Love your little "pub" table.

  6. I love all of your tables... The legs on the first one remind me of a table which my folks had... Not sure what happened to that table.

    Then the 3rd one is awesome.. It is so special since your Dad made it... I'm so glad that you have it... Like you said: priceless...

    Thanks for sharing.

  7. The last one is definitely my favorite. I understand why this table is so valuable to you. Beautiful story :)

  8. I can see why your three tables are special in different ways because of the family connections as well as being practical, well-made with individual features that are lovely.
    I particularly like the big table with the rounded corners and pretty legs which can be used for family gatherings.

  9. I agree that the one made by your father is priceless. I love homemade things best. :)

  10. I like how all your tables are embedded with your family life: extended family gatherings on special occasions, grandchildren helping out, and the memory of your father.

  11. Such special and much loved tables!
    Beautiful sheen and shine coming thru your words and photos.
    Every table tells a story indeed!!
    Happy week:))

  12. thank you for this little tour around your house :) you books shelf under the night table is really a nice feature.

  13. It's fun to have tables that truly mean something. My desk is actually a library table I bought from a friend about 25 years ago. Actually, don't know how old it is, and it's got damage in a lot of areas [scratches, varnish, bumps]... and it wasn't a "desk" for me until about 4 years ago. There wasn't room for it any logical area when we moved back into our former home with more stuff than we'd had before. SO I now use it with joy. It IS antiquey ... but it wouldn't be worth anything if I tried to sell it. So, it's here forever and ever.


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