Monday, July 2, 2012

Horrendous storm hit our area

The worse storm this area has seen in many, many years
hit Friday night.
We lost power around 6 PM Friday and did not regain it
until today, Sunday, at 8 PM.
Hot, hot, hot!

We were fortunate in that no around here was hurt
and most of the property damage in Barnesville were trees.
Above is a photo of the root ball of an enormous tree
that fell smack dab INBETWEEN two homes
that share property lines with my sister-in-law.
(Thus the photo.)

However, neighboring Cambridge was not so lucky.
A hundred plus year old Presbyterian church is now
a pile of rubble.
Some warehouses suffered major damage,
buildings lost roofs, windows were blown out,
and cars were overturned.

Multiple sightings of a funnel cloud occurred
right before the folks took cover.
However, no one called it in to the weather center
and it was not tracked;
therefore, according to the head weather honchos
a tornado did not tear a line of destruction through Cambridge.
Try telling that to the folks who saw it coming at them!

My son, his kids, their mom, his girlfriend, my ex and his wife, etc.
are all fine.
My son and girlfriend were actually in Florida when it hit
and arrived home on Saturday.
His neighborhood and his dad's did not lose power,
although other parts of Cambridge did.

As of this morning's paper, only one person died
and that was west of Cambridge in a town called Chandersville.
A barn collapsed while a woman was still in it.
Her husband escaped.

People were shaken up
and some were mighty uncomfortable for a few days,
but it could have been so much worse.

Needless to say, I've been offline for most of three days.
But I will catch up soon.


  1. Thinking of you all over there, Beth.
    The storms and fires have been on national news here. We've been getting freak weather over here and it's very difficult for those caught up in it. We had strong winds and some whirlwinds too, but probably on a smaller scale to yours. Nevertheless, very scary.
    Glad you're back with your electricity supply and the family is ok.
    By the way, I sent a comment on your post about coal the other day, but it didn't show up - probably the fault was my end. Perhaps I didn't press the publish key hard enough? You did a lot of research on that.

  2. I thought of you when I heard the reports of storms in Ohio. Sorry to hear of the damage, but glad you are safe!

  3. So glad you are safe. I feel for those with damage. Mother Nature can be brutal!

  4. I'm happy you and your family is safe. I forget at time how one hand mother nature can be so giving and calm then in a moment so strong and destructive. xo

  5. I had no idea you were in the area hit by storms. So thankful you are okay.

  6. i've been thinking of you in the middle out there...glad to know of your escape but feel sad about that woman who died in the barn...barn charm, it's not!!!!!

  7. I had been wondering about you, Beth... Glad you are okay and sorry to hear that you lost electricity for so long. My prayers go out to all of the people who lost their lives, their property, their electricity, etc.


  8. It sounds terrible Beth. I'm so glad you're all safe. My cousin in West Virginia had a tree fall on her house. I'm not sure of the details yet, but thankfully she is fine.
    We have certainly had disastrous weather this summer.

  9. I'd been wondering if this had been a bad situation for you. It's such a broad area that's being hit with the lack of power and the increase in heat. Facing a lot. I'm very happy that you and yours are doing OK.

    Our area is hot... 100 deg. for the next 3 days ... and the news today indicated that our state is about 2/3 headed for drought. This is NOT good... the farmers with corn, soy, and a variety of products can be in real trouble and, of course, all of us will be in trouble as the prices continue to rise.

    My birthday is next week and I'm really hoping the temp drops enough that I can go out to dinner w/o pouring out the sweat between the car and the restaurant... want to look NICE for my hubby and sweating doesn't keep me looking glamorous. [who, ME???] Anyhow, I recently told Susie I wonder why my mom didn't plan to have me in May or September, the two safest months re: hot and cold. You'd think she'd plan things a little better.

    Again, I'm glad your power is back on, your family is OK, and you are. Blessings.

  10. Okay, now I see why you were without power. Glad you are safe!

  11. So much weird and scary weather everywhere ...


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