Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Corner View: What Makes Me Laugh

The topic was chosen by me and is "What Makes Me Laugh."
 I thought of the people who make me laugh and thought about posting photos and examples.

But then I thought of the comic routine that  makes me laugh out loud even thinking of it.
It is Abbot and Costello's "Who's on First?"

Here is a video of one of their performances of this routine. 
I laugh no matter how often I see it.

 I hope you enjoy it too!

The lyrics can be accessed by clicking below (hopefully).

For more views on what makes each of us laugh, check out
Next week's topic is "Grass."


  1. Wow! They talk too fast for me! Impossible for me to understand something :) ....but I'm sure it's fun ;))

  2. I added the lyrics after this first comment. I listened to it again and realized the one guy does talk really fast. I just know the routine, so it didn't dawn on me it might be too fast for some of my friends overseas! Sorry! Hopefully the lyrics will help!

  3. isn't that just TOO funny?
    word games are the best.
    we had a grand, grand comic in dutch, a solo, but damn good too... you know what i mean.
    lovely theme, beth. i'm just laughing!

  4. Classic scene! Still funny - and quoted - after all these years.

  5. I was surprised to find myself cracking up, even a few tears! Thank you for such a perfect theme, bringing laughter from around the world into our weeks:)
    Did you ever hear the one about the man whose name was Happy?
    He was always ...Happy!!!

  6. oh, beth! can you imagine how much they had to rehearse this?!

  7. We used to have quite a few double acts like that in the UK - gentle humour, but now there seem to be lots of individual stand-up comics. I don't find them funny. I do like humour where there's a play on words and some situation comedy shows.

  8. Thanks Beth for the lyrics ;) it's more easy for me reading...I am not good i english but I try to improve myself! ;)

  9. Imagine memorizing all those lines? Impressive as well as funny :)

  10. There are a couple of David Sedaris stories that do the same for me, and make me laugh out loud even thinking of them!

  11. I love these acts. We have a few good ones in Dutch as well.

    Word games are the craze around here. Top3 and Top4 do it all the time, so naturally, we go along...


  12. This was a "laugher" for me, too. For years and years.

    Glad you have a similar sense of humor. We might find some really funny things we can share some time.



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