Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Barn Charm # 80

The following are barns I found while out driving.

This one is out by itself with no home or other buildings around it.
It looks more like a storage shed, but I still thought 
the weathered wood.looked nice.

I took a side lane off of the road west of town 
that I usually follow.
I only found one barn/farm setting---
a small set up.
I did not take a close-up because there was a home in the midst 
of the outbuildings and people were there.
I did get a nice surprise, though.
The road intersected with the state highway 
I drive to work.
I always wondered where that side road led
and if there were any barns out there.
Some day if I've got time
and am a bit bored with the usual way,
I'll take this way.

The biggest surprise was coming on this barn
that I pass to and from work
and can never figure out how to photograph it.
I thought the side road across from it
might be a good spot to pull over and snap some,
but I never did until last Friday when I found myself on that road.

At first I didn't recognize the barn or where I was.
Now I'm determined to go back and get more pics.
It is a wonderful barn that is well taken care of
and used daily.
Hopefully I can feature it again after taking more pics.

Meander on over to Tricia's place 
for more barn photos.


  1. I love your winding roads and that last barn is a beauty!

  2. Nice series of shots! I love wondering down country roads and seeing what I can find. I love that last pretty!

  3. Hi Beth, Isn't it wonderful to travel on a 'new' dirt road???? We do that on occasion --and love it... You got some great barn photos.

    Hope the move/house renovations are going well.

  4. Oh, I so love these...specially the last 3 shot...that last barn is fantastic...kind of unusual looking, too.

  5. I think this place was made only for barns. I've never been in one place and see lots of it nearby. Anyhow, the first photo looks beautiful, but quite scary with the 'private property' sign and the lack of windows. Well, whatever it's used for, I just hope no anaconda's living in there. LOL. Kidding aside, the last photo is what I like best. Simple and rugged looking, but the homey atmosphere is still there. Allyson Ripple @


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