Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Note Card Party

I drive several country roads around this small town
where I live
and take photos of barns.
This is a stress buster for me
and as one of only two English teachers
at our rural high school,
I have stress.

I actually used the third photo on a post card.
The first and last ones are on note cards I made 
through Snapfish
that I haven't ordered yet.
I give them as Christmas gifts to my daughter
and several close friends
who still write 'hard copy' notes.

The first two are east of Dayton, Ohio
on Rt. 40.
There are a lot of Mail Pouch barns in this area
as the 'Barn Painter' lived in Ohio
(actually just 15 minutes from where I live).

These last two are local.
The above one is between Barnesville and Bethesda 
on Rt. 147.
It is a well maintained 
and it seems to be a well-loved barn.
The one below is just down a country road
near my home.
It is deserted.

I am joining The Note Card Party with Vee
which occurs the third Wednesday of every month.

A Haven for Vee


  1. Who can possibly resist a note card with a charming country barn?! Not me! Get more cards printed up when Snapfish has their next sale!

  2. Hope that Donna will give us a head's up on the Snapfish sale!

    Ohhh it looks as if you have a beautiful country drive...wonderful barns, even a "secret" barn...really nice!

    My last year teaching was jr. high and high school English. Loved the high schoolers...

  3. I love old barns, they each one have so much history. My favorite note card is the white barn with the quilt star, beautiful.


  4. Beautiful barn images that would make great note cards. Have fun with the high schoolers! I'm a French/English teacher - now substituting. Teenagers are a challenge, but fun.

  5. The old barn images are stunning,I enjoy country rides and seeing old and new barns. These barns have a lot of history with them. Thanks for sharing.

  6. All of your old barns have character but I think the red one hiding in the woods is my favorite.

  7. They are all beautiful note cards! I especially like that Mail Pouch barn!

  8. Oh wow... These are perfect for note cards! I love the MailPouch Barn.

  9. Beautiful barns. All special in their own way. I like the well loved as well as the well used. MB

  10. i like the quilt painted on the one.

  11. I really love to spot old barns on drives. You found some great ones for Vee's notecard party!

  12. I just love barns, the older and more rundown the better. The tobacco one is neat and I like the quilt barn. Great notecards!

  13. They are all GREAT for note cards, Beth. I especially love the next to the last one...Love that white --and the Ohio Quilt Square is gorgeous... BUT--all of the barns are beautiful.


  14. Rustic note cards, they'd sell well in the farm country where I live.

  15. I love barns, but my hubby is usually speeding by too quickly for me to get good photos of them. =/ Great shots!


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