Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Barn Charm # 81

In July a close friend and I went 'barn hunting'.
She had several great barns she wanted to show me.
First though, we stopped at Caldwell Fair Grounds 
to take photos of the old church, school, and covered bridge.
(I will feature them another time.)

We ended up at the swine barn
and although it's not an old barn,
I thought it was interesting.
Next week is Noble County Fair.
(We don't start school until September 2nd
because of the fair.)
The side that borders the inner circle.

You can see that this place has seen a lot of action!

The spigot at the back of it.

I'm with Tricia's Barn Charm.


  1. In just a few weeks this place will be full of people! Our state fair is coming soon too!

  2. Our local fair is going on this week. The barns look similar to this one. I like your second shot with the open gate.

  3. Oh, is it fair time? I need to check out when our fair is.

  4. Nice looking barn! Our fair was last week, and school starts here tomorrow.

  5. Great barn, Beth... Bet you and your friend had a good time on your 'barn hunting' trip. This barn probably gets very busy during the Fair season!!!!



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