Friday, August 23, 2013


The official moving day is tomorrow,
but Mike has been moving furniture and boxes all week.
Above shows the general chaos of the living room.

Here you see the quilts that I finally got to see after 3 years.
I'm looking forward to using some and hanging others.
We are  not sure where that chest will go.
What's really frustrating is that I can't remember 
where it came from and who redid it!
A good reason for writing your 'history' down.
This chest was in our living room at the bungalow,
but may find its way upstairs.
We plan to put my mother's armoire there
to hold coats and such.
That armoire (it hasn't been moved yet) has been with me since early first marriage days.
It is cedar-lined and I cherish it.

Here you can see the finished paint job of the living room.
It is all a creamy color called Downy and I'm happy with it.
I'm especially happy with the unified look and flow
in having the trim the same color.
The color in several of these pictures(not the one above)
 looks a bit off.
I didn't have the right setting on my camera
for the little amount of light that was in the room at the time.
Here is the other side of the front door.
My father refinished that book shelf---
I remember it setting in the hallway at the Barnesville parsonage.
It has been mine since my parents moved to a retirement campus
quite a few years ago.
The chair will go at the other end of the living room
and there is that same unidentifiable chest.
The place where it sets will eventually be a window seat.
There is a bird feeder outside
and we plan to put more there.
Hopefully this will make up for the cats not having the screened-in porch.
The dining room.
We have a card table at the bungalow
right now.
The little room you see is the laundry room.
Mike plans to make a door for it
so it will be shut off from sight.
We hope to move the washer and dryer up to the long storage room.

You can see my mother-in-law's dry sink 
in the right-hand corner.
Polish and cloth are setting on it.

I finally got some dishes in the kitchen cupboards.
There are still dividers in them,
because I just wanted them in there--
Someone will wash them on moving day.
The radio/Cd player is temporary---it kept my husband company 
when he was redoing the ceiling and walls in the living room.
Here are the two blue walls
that were once a deep clay-color.
The cream stayed.

I found this armoire/drawer combination
at an auction about 5 years ago.
It reminded me of my parents' bedroom furniture
that I lent to my kids.
(Through unfortunate circumstances the furniture is no longer.)
When the former-owners remodeled the bathroom,
they left this area open.
They had furniture tucked in here.
Why they didn't make it into a built-in closet,
is beyond my understanding.

This armoire needs redone,
but for now it will hold towels and such.

I got some semblance of order to the bathroom,
although all of this is temporary.

We plan to change all the chrome to bronze
and simply getting rid of many of the towel racks--
they have an over abundance.
We do need new towels.

 Here are glimpses of our master bedroom.  The dark chest is something we just acquired with the purchase of Mike's aunt's house. It belonged to a great-great-someone in the family.
It needs restored or redone.
The lighter chest is one Mike's father redid many years ago.

Mike's aunt is in an assisted-living facility and Medicaid insisted on the sale of her house.  Mike and I bought it and plan to rent it to fracking workers.
There is a huge need in our community for rental properties because of the drilling.
Some of our quilts--both Mike's
and my families' heirlooms.

The flowered bedspread is the one I bought for my dad's bed after he moved into a smaller apartment.
He loved it and I haven't been able to part with it.  I may use it in the guest room because the cats will not be allowed in that room and thus they
will not be able to snag and ruin it.
Well, that's it for now.
We have a busy three days ahead of us
and then I have teachers' days next Monday and Tuesday.
I will be working in my room
most of next week.

I may be off-line some as we won't get our phone line
and thus Internet until next Friday.
We are going to keep my computer set up
on the card table here in the bungalow.
I can then hopefully work here if I need to.

Blessings on your upcoming weekend!


  1. Major, major job, but won't it be wonderful to have everything in its place. Blessings for your upcoming school year.

  2. Wow--you have already moved tons of things... That is GREAT.. I'm sure moving gradually will help... Good Luck this weekend and next week... You all will be so very very busy.

    You have some gorgeous pieces of furniture... I'm so glad that you have kept some of the older family pieces through the years. They are the BEST furniture to have. Don't think they make the new stuff as good!

    Hugs and Prayers for a good move,

  3. You have a good start on things! I love the kitchen cabinets and the blue in the bathroom. Hope the move goes very well!

  4. I like the look of the dark wood furniture against the light walls. And those kitchen cabinets are gorgeous!


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