Friday, August 16, 2013

Painting and 'new' chairs

Dry wall work and the subsequent painting is progressing well.

This is where the shelves used to be. 
 There was a major problem with the wall that was evident 
when the shelves were empty, 
so Mike tore everything out and redid the entire wall.
That's my man!
He will build new shelves later.

Below shows part of that area painted in Sherwin Williams Downy.
The walls and trim are the same.
The only contrast is the actual fireplace frame.
The inside part and the mantle are the creamy Downy color;
the frame and outside edges are white.

You can't really tell even in the close-up below that there are two colors.
Anyhow I thought it looked weird and am having him paint the outside part
(each side of the frame)
Downy also.

Here is the same wall shown before torn apart.
It is now finished except for switch covers.

The painter has to finish the doors 
(there is another one at other end)
and also will complete the dining room.
He will then need to paint laundry room
 and the two accent walls 
in the upstairs half-bath.

The second bedroom is finished.
It has all white walls and trim
with Sherwin Williams Blue Cruise
on the floor.
(The painter will only use Sherwin Williams' paints.)

The area you see beyond the door in the below picture
is the long storage closet that runs the width of the house.

This is part of the walk-in closet for the master bedroom.
We started bringing stuff two days ago.
We stuck stuff here until all the rooms are done
and we can start putting everything in its right place.

Our official move date is next Saturday,
but we will move the table and other bits and pieces 
of furniture throughout the week.

Here are the antique chairs I bought from a friend.
The one above is by itself.
The one below is part of a four-chair set.
They will go in the dining room.
That's it for now!


  1. Oh Beth - I'm so excited for you. Everything is looking beautiful!

  2. It looks like you are making good progress. Is it hard to wait to move in?

  3. Looking good, Beth.. You all are working hard.... Love the new chair also....

    Good Luck..

  4. Oh, this is a lot of fun, Beth...watching you move into your new home!!!

  5. i like the soft cream and blue color scheme... i know it's a lot of work to get things ready but it must be so exciting, too!


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