Monday, August 12, 2013

Work Continues and Monday's Prayer

 It is week 4 of owning the farm house.  We hope to get to move in next week.
We did get a mattress and box springs upstairs.  The guys from Lowe's took it up for us when they took the dry wall up to the smaller bedroom. (Mike will drywall that soon.)
To the right you can see the first two items in the long storage closet.  It is my paint box which I got for The College of Art and Design classes I took when Doug was 10 -- 25 years ago.  I've kept it all this time.  I hoped one day to use it again. My dream is closer.  The other is my scrap booking bag.  I've had it almost 10 years and use it sporadically.

This is our neighbor's fridge. We are borrowing it to see where
we want to put a new one.  
This is where the previous owners kept theirs.
However it will only take 30 inches, which is at 
most 22 cubic feet.  That is small.
We are considering taking the Vermont stove
out on opposite wall, installing baseboard heat,
and putting a much bigger fridge there.
If we go with a smaller fridge, we will need to keep an old one
in the basement, especially for holiday dinners.
The previous owners took their German refrigerator,
which they bought for its quietness.
Does anyone hear their fridge?!
The ice maker, yes, but the actual fridge?

 Below you can see that Mike has the dry wall up in the living room ceiling..

He has also wired the ceiling for 3 lights,
one in each section and a place for track lights over 
the window seat that he will build.

 I had to choose paint and that took 11 trial containers.
You can see the colors I chose: pure white for the
2nd bedroom and blue cruise for its floor; downy for walls and trim of dining room, living room, and laundry room (that is off of dining room); and resolute blue for the two accent walls in the half-bath.  The bedroom is done.  Mike is finishing up the living room today and tomorrow and the painter will return on Wednesday.
I ended up buying 5 sample paints for the living area
and am glad I did, because it was the 5th one that I went with.
It is the one furthest to the left. 
It is called Downy and is a light cream.

The two darker ones were not right, one was almost white,
and one looked almost exactly like what was there (has a yellow tint).
As you can see below, that one did not even show on the trim.

The floor in the half bath is royal blue,
so I went with a blue for the accent walls.
It is Resolute Blue and is the 2nd from the left.

I chose the blue closest to my feet, the nails of which are painted blue.
It is called Blue Cruise.
The walls and trim will be Pure White. 
It will be my studio and office and I want a bright, clean 'slate'.
I will add colors through pictures and accessories.

Mike decided to put drywall on the long living room wall.
Its cracks were too severe and we didn't really want wall paper.
He is also doing the wall where the front door is--to the right of this wall.
Both areas had old plaster.

You can see the ceiling is all done and ready for paint.  Mike does an awesome job and I'm quite aware of how fortunate I am to be married to such a handy man!

Monday's Scripture and Prayer:

If one member suffers, all the parts share the suffering; 
if one member is honored, all the members share in 
the enjoyment of it.  Now you are Christ's body and you 
are members of it,  each part severally and distinct
with his own place and function.
I Corinthians 12: 26-27

Lord, help me to be Your hands and to reach out to those
in need around me.   Help me to do all that I can.

Blessings to you all as you begin this week.


  1. Such a lot of work for both of you but what a joy it will be when you are finished and can move in. Looking forward to the photos when you are done.

  2. Oh Beth, it's gonna be AWESOME. I am so excited for you two. And you ARE lucky to have such a wonderful handyman for a husband..... Can't wait to see the finished product....

    Good Luck....

  3. What a lot of work - but it'll be so wonderful when it's done! I loved seeing the pictures.


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