Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Corner View: By the Sea

Seven years ago my husband and I went to Ireland
to celebrate turning 50 together.
(I have mentioned this several times in previous posts).

I set up the itinerary.
After leaving Dublin, we headed to a place called Ardmore by the Sea.
When I had made reservations at a Bed and Breakfast there,
the young mother/wife running it
told me of the Nora Roberts trilogy about Ardmore.
(Jewels of the Sun, Tears of the Moon, and Heart of the Sea.)

I bought the trilogy and was enchanted.
It is about the Gallagher family who owns the local pub.
The first novel begins with "an American, Jude Murray, who flees her life
to take refuge in Faerie Hill cottage
where she immerses herself in the study of Irish Folklore,
and discovers hope for the future in the magic of the past."

The Celtic well is still full of water and shrines on the hill overlooking Ardmore
play an active role in the series.

In today's real world, they are ruins--well-preserved--but still ruins.
Mike and I walked the magical path of the shrines and took pictures.

We also went to the Gallagher pub which still is thriving in Ardmore.
It is no longer owned by the Gallaghers, but is full of charm
and is a center point of life in Ardmore.

The Gallaghers are comprised of two brothers and a sister
and the trilogy is about how they find love amongst the magic of the shrines.

Ardmore is incredibly quaint and lovely.
The people are very friendly, the shops are wonderful,
and our stay was enchanting.

Here are some pictures:

The end of the main street. The pub is up aways.
There is a seawall to the right,
which I don't have a digital pic of.

The fountain that had a huge role in the trilogy romances.

A couple enjoying a rest after walking the relics route around the cliff.

A tower on the cliff. It was part of a monk fortress.

An abandoned crane that caught our fancy while traversing
the pathway featured in the Ardmore trilogy series.

Looking from a Celtic relic down over the quaint town of
Ardmore by the Sea.

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  1. I read that trilogy! It was good. Beautiful pictures today!

  2. I NEVER tire of your visit to Ireland. This is perfect for "by the sea!" Since I live by the sea (technically the gulf) I should have done this Corner View, but oh well... loving yours, though : )

  3. lovely post, beth.

  4. never heard of these books, but now I can't wait to read them. Love the ocean no matter where it is!

  5. That must have been the ultimate birthday gift for you!

  6. I never heard of the trilogy, and all book recommendations are welcome - it must have been nice to read the story and walk around the places mentioned in it.

  7. My favorite photo is the last one. Beautiful journey.

  8. I always wanted to go to Ireland and after seeing beautiful! It seems that they have so many stories...great!!!

  9. Absolutely beautiful and inspiring!
    Thanks for sharing, I enjoyed the visit. :)

  10. what discoveries you must have gone through, both in those books, and then for a taste of reality. that crane! my word!!
    lovely place, looks like...

  11. Love the simple architecture of the monk fortress :)


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