Monday, May 16, 2011

New twist to birthday celebrations and Monday Prayer

It's official to the community in which my son and daughter-in-law live.
They are separated.
He begged her to help him save the marriage.
He left for a night, then a weekend, and the condition for his return
was marriage counseling. 
They went.
She refused to do the assigned work.
She refused to budge and meet him half-way.
He moved out --he could no longer live in a home
where he did not 'count' to the other person.

She's not taking it well.
Her texts and emails are not 'friendly.'

One of these emails informed him at the last minute that he was to have a birthday party
for the two youngest at 'his house' (the tiny cottage at the lake)
on his weekend to have them,
and she would have one at 'her house' (the huge farm house on an acre of land)
on her weekend.

He called Mike and me, his dad and step-mom, and his step-brother and his wife
and told us the situation.
I don't know about them,
but this past Sat. was one of the worst possible times for me.

We returned from Cinci late Friday.
After a grueling week and a trip in a car,
I was stoved up and in a fibro flare up.
I was supposed to go to the prom on Sat. night
and see 'my kids' all decked out.

But when my child calls, I respond.
Mike and I were there as were the others.
I could not help with the dinner,
but he managed fine.

I did not know how I could buy presents in the midst of a week
that had something every night.
He bought ours and even wrapped them.

He is one of the most loyal, loving persons I know.
For him to make this move says volumes.

His main concern is his children.
The next one is to hurt her as little as possible
and be as fair as he can be
and still be able to have a decent home and life
for his kids and himself.

He grilled hot dogs.

Doug's dad (my ex) is in the background here.
He bought a cake for each of them at Kennedy's--an outstanding local bakery.
She had started getting really fancy ones made by a local woman.
They looked wonderful, but didn't taste nearly as good.
When it became his choice, he went back to Kennedy's.

He had to buy cars to 'spruce up' Dillon's cake, but he did,
with this attention to detail showing how hard he was trying
to make this last minute celebration really nice.

This is one of the few times that he genuinely smiled.
Addy --turning 4, Peyton--8, and Dillon --turning 6
with their precious daddy, Doug.

His lazy eye doesn't show here. 
It's been showing in almost every picture I've taken lately,
telling me how tired he is. 
 It's not noticeable to most, just like mine isn't.
But mom could always tell.
And so can I.

He handled it all,
gently refusing any help from Sheri (his step-mom) or me.

This 8-year-old is hurting.
Please especially pray for her.
She is deep and is holding a lot in.

The cards have to be read before they can open their presents.
It's a rule of his.
Cards have been extremely important in our family
and he's carrying on that tradition.

New pj's--both kids love pj's.

Good ol' Smooch has been with Doug for almost 11 years.

Grandma with two of them.
Addy was in a 'no picture' mood, so she's absent.
Dillon was kind of in that mood
and Peyton was having difficulty smiling,
but I got my required pic and am grateful for whatever I can get.

Here is Monday's Prayer
by Stormy Omartian:

I come to You in Jesus' name and give (name of child/grandchild) to You.
I'm convinced that You alone know what is best for him/her.
You alone know what he/she needs.
I release him/her to You to care for and protect,
and I commit myself to pray for everything concerning him/her
that I can think of or that You put upon my heart.

Teach me how to pray and guide me what to pray about.
Help me not to impose my own will when I'm praying for him/her,
but rather enable me to pray
that Your will be done in his/her life.
Thank You that I can partner with You
and that I don't have to parent/grandparent  alone.

The mercy of the LORD is from everlasting to everlasting
on those who fear Him,
and His righteousness to children's children,
to such as keep His covenant,
and to those who remember His commandments to do them.
Psalm 103:17-18

Blessings to you as you begin your week.


  1. So sad. Glad he has a great family to stand by him at this time.

  2. praying for your beautiful family as they weather these storms...

  3. you did good :-) thanks for hanging in well as the rest of the gang. the children know that they are loved by dad and family.

    they have somewhere where things are kind of the same, and not having the rug pulled out from under their feet.

    you all have been prayed for.

  4. oh, Beth ... it hurts when our children hurt ... prayers for all of you

  5. Hi Beth, I'm so sorry to hear about the marriage breakup between your son and daughter-in-law. Marriages take so much work --and many young people are just so busy raising kids and trying to make ends meet that they don't work at it.. Then it fades and dies.. SO SAD--especially for the children.

    Glad your son has a wonderful family who supports and loves him... He needs all of you --now especially...

    Hugs and prayers,

  6. his children are lucky to have such a sweet father


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