Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Corner View: Room

I pondered what to do for this week's Corner View theme.
I had several ideas.
One of my ideas was to take photos of the teachers' rooms on my hallway.

My trusty camera and I went to work;
the amount of photos required to truly show someone's room is daunting.
Therefore, I settled on the bulletin boards with a few misc. posters added for 'punch'.

First is one of mine. 
I have four, but one is stripped for the year
as the Smart Board is now parked in front of it
and I don't want kids squeezing behind it to look at the board.

Another one is my "Comics and News" bulletin board.
It is empty of comics and news right now
as it is poetry time
and the space will be used to highlight students' poems.

There is the utilitarian one that has required rules and general information
that has to be posted in every room.
It also has a calendar and the school menu.

The most popular one is the "ZEPS" board.
I subscribe to two newspapers (one is weekly),
and daily cut out pics and articles
highlighting the high school students.

I had to move it to this board because of the Smart Board.
So the pics no longer have "Celebrate" as a border
on a rustic orange.
The papers hung haphazardly are the schedules for the End of the Year Course tests,
the temporarily longer schedule,
the final exam schedules.
Most of us were confused during the the first two times,
so I kept copies accessible to students.

Baseball and softball seasons for our school just ended.

Next is the lady math teacher's room.
She has an extra credit bulletin board
where she also keeps an adorable calendar.

The other English teacher highlighted the classics recently.
This board changes throughout the year.

This is her Zeps board.

This next one belongs to one of thespecial-ed women teachers.

This is just one fourth of a huge bulletin board that runs the width
of the business ed room.

The teacher in this room teaches world history, government,
and a psychology/sociology class.

The other math teacher is a male and spartan.

The other social studies teacher's domain.
He keeps his Christmas paper background up year round,
as he goes all out on decorating his room for Christmas.
He takes everything else down and puts them away,
except for this.

He teaches world history, but also teaches American history and does a unit
on the Great Depression.

Last is the room shared by the other two special-ed teachers.
She would have it spruced up more,
but he was here first.
This is one of his two corners.

This map is a central feature.

here is her small area---no bulletin board---just a space on the window
of an adjoining room
for pictures of and by her children.

Hope you enjoyed my tour.

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  1. Thanks so much, Beth, for sharing all of the bulletin boards... Teachers are so creative and do such a good job... We don't appreciate them as much as we should... God Bless ALL of the Teachers.

  2. Such a diverse and creative blend... I love the Mary Englebreit board as well as the Dust Bowl display.

  3. i totally enjoyed the tour :-)
    thanks for taking us around.

  4. Thanks for the tour and reminds me of my teaching days - a great idea to focus on the bulletin boards for your post and gives a picture of all your hard work in the teaching profession. I second Betsy by saying 'God bless all teachers'.

  5. why, meandering it is then... ;)

  6. Wow, so much to look at...lucky kids!


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