Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Different garden and the next door neighbors

I stopped the car to take a picture of this.
I intended to take closeups of this different type of 'garden'
and the beautiful, stately farm house that fronts it.

someone else caught my attention----

I would have taken more pics of the rest of the group,
but I was literally stopped in the middle of a winding hilly road---
not the smartest or safest method of photographing.
But when there is no place to pull off, I just make do.

I would have loved to get out and frolic with them,
but doubt they would have been thrilled.

Oh, I didn't get the originally intended pics; ran out of time.
But I am glad I got these instead!


  1. I don't understand why people would let so much stuff accumulate on their yard!
    The goats are so cute!!!

  2. Goats--Goats-Goats... of all shapes, colors and sizes... How NEAT... I don't blame you for shopping to take some pictures.. Thanks!!!!

  3. That top photo looks like an art supplies store!

  4. oooh susan's right...just think of all the potential sculpturing!

    cute goats. especially the little ones.

  5. we have five weeks until summer break...give or take a day.
    planning a trip to indiana again this year.

  6. I like your new header! Our neighbor boys (twins) raise and show goats in 4-H; one of them just won Grand Champion!

    Hope your week is full of pleasant surprises!

  7. Oh I love them Beth! I am a country girl at heart and scenes like these bring such joy. Thank you for sharing!

  8. love the header... and those adorable goats! not many goats where i am this week... more families of the fishy variety ;)

  9. An interesting set of photos, Beth! Good to see these goats enjoying the expanse of grass.


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