Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Corner View: The letter M

Corner View this week features the letter M. 

My view is "M is for moving."

The following are clips of some of the bits and pieces that made up
our move.  Most of these items are now packed away in my husband's
aunt's basement, our basement, and our barn.  Some have been
put on display here in this tiny house. 

However, all of my mother's and grandmother's glassware, glass dish set,
and my china and goblets are carefully tucked away for the next house.
There is no room for those precious heirlooms in this house--at least not the
way it is now. 

I have much to go through this summer beginning with the kids' stuff in the garage.
Boxes of baby dolls, Barbie dolls, etc. are waiting my daughter's inspection.
They have been stored in the attic in what was our home in Cincinnati
 waiting for a daughter of hers.  So now that Abby exists,
decisions will have to be made.  They are coming up here
towards the end of June and will be given a 'tour' down memory lane
where they will decide what to have sent back to Texas.

Meanwhile we pray for our next home.  It would be lovely to settle into it
before school starts in September.  But God has His own timing and I've
been learning loads in this waiting period.  So I will continue to trust and
improve my patience level.

"Jesus saith unto him, Thomas, because thou hast seen me, thou has believed:
Blessed are they that have not seen, and yet have believed."  John 20: 28

"Knowing this, that the trying of your faith worketh patience.
But let patience have her perfect work, that ye may be perfect and entire,
wanting nothing." James 1: 3, 4


                                                      Thanks to Valerie for the topic: 'M'
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  1. Waiting is not one of my strengths, but I know you are right Beth. It is always a time when the Lord is doing something inside of us. It will be such a joy to finally be able to put out all of your beautiful things.
    I didn't realize you were going to be moving again. I hope you find just the perfect home.
    Thank you for your kind, kind comment. You always take such time and write the most encouraging, caring things. I appreciate you so much.

  2. Patience is so hard, Beth... I don't have much of it either.. BUT--you all will find the perfect home for you --and then you can unpack everything and get it placed in its proper place. Hope it does happen for you this summer though when you are out of school.


  3. Have you found a home that you are waiting on or are you looking? I've had to do a lot of sorting after having a flooded basement a couple of months ago. The decision making is the hardest.

  4. i really enjoy your corner posts :-)
    cleaning out seems a little better when it's sunny and warm here instead of chilly and pouring down rain. the forcast says there is sun coming soon. maybe i will get a few flower seeds planted next week. it seems a little thing, but, i really like having a few they seem to have a positive effect on my brain.

  5. Ohhh, you have fresh mint leaves! That is a bonus no matter where you live! Also, I had that darling Joan Walsh Anglund book too. I recognized it right away. Blessings to you in your waiting place.

  6. Yes, moving is a difficult thing… bon courage!

  7. oi... moving...
    rather not mhmmmmmmmmm...
    i've just lived through the worst move ever.
    we live, that's the good news.
    never mind. things do settle.
    they say. ;)))

  8. Moving is never easy but I'm sure it will be for the best. And, yes, M is also for Memory Lane!

  9. I know some people enjoy moving every couple of years, but not me. I bet you can't wait to unpack and get comfy again. You have some beautiful treasures to display when the time is right. xo

  10. everything looks so neat and ordered in those boxes. i hate sorting and deciding what to keep and what to give away... praying you find a new "nest" for your treasures this summer...

  11. I hope you find a lovely new home befitting of the treasures you just showed us.

    We still plan on moving. First we have to finish making the house ready for sale. Then we'll have to wait and see if anyone is buying. And then... well, babysteps.

    Have a nice restful weekend, Beth. Sounds like you need it!

  12. Moving is always stressful, but I wish that you have a light parade that will quickly disappear.

  13. Packing up your life and starting a new adventure is not easy. I hope that soon the excitement will outweigh the difficulties.

  14. Good luck with your move. I hope it goes smoothly.

  15. Ah yes the dreaded packing. I remember what it was like packing up a decade of stuff in the Bay Area to come t my first job in Mississippi.

  16. what i like most about moving is to weigh if the things we collected over the years are ballast we are willing to carry further...sometimes a hard decision...hope you manage to settle into your new home before school starts in september..

  17. Packing up for a move, storing and waiting isn't easy. May the Lord go before you and make the path smooth so that everything is in place before you begin a new school year.

  18. Moving...exactly what I'm up to these days...hope you can settle in before the school year starts!!!

  19. Keep moving, don't stop! If one door closes, another opens.


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