Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Corner View: Motion

Last load of the move from the Cincinnati house to Barnesville.
All this could travel on an open trailer.

Since corner view is about motion this week,
I thought these photos fit right in.
My husband's 2005 Ford F 150 4-wheel drive 5-point Triton engine
has been gobbing up the road between  the lower part of southwestern Ohio
and the top part of southeastern Ohio.
The round trip consists of 420 miles of highway
mostly I70 and I71.

This may look like a pile of junk;
to my husband this pile is quite valuable.

The black upside down combo of steel and wheels is a yard cart--
not pretty, but extremely sturdy.
To the left is the front end
of a 1974 Porshe 914 with its specs of rust
and shades of blue, green, and white paint.
It will be used to rebuild another Porshe
that he has stored at our barn.

Below is the other side of it.

Next is a Cub Cadet garden tractor of the mid-seventies.
My husband loves his tractors!
He has nine tractors and six are Cub Cadets.
No John Deere for him.

To the left of the tractor you can see the handles of the garden rodo-tiller.

The contraption between the tractor and the cooler is a log splitter.
The white canister and gray box comprise the oil tank.
The green is the cylinder and it's connected to the motor.
He explained to me how to use it, but I can't explain it well enough to you.

Another view.
There are other misc. items also, such as the louvered closet doors.

'Last but not least' as the expression goes
is the man himself.

He left her at 7 PM one night and got back at 6 PM the next night.
He has been in motion---back and forth---- now for almost two months
ever since we accepted the offer and the inspections, etc. cleared.

He and I will make one last trip to sign the papers
and hand the keys over to the new owners.
Then we plan to 'stay put' for awhile!

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  1. What a load. I'm sure we'd all have a not-so-pretty load of valuable items if we were making this trek! I'd say the end is in sight!

  2. As I'm absolutely keen on classic cars I know that some things pretty much looking like junk can be small (or bigger) fortune...good luck in your new surrounding!

  3. somehow all of this soothes me to a T. you know? men always have SUCH a different view on keepsakes to women...
    good luck with it all, but it probably will fit back into a new slot, won't it? ;)

  4. perfect fit for this week's topic. i bet you can't wait. xo

  5. Wow! my versatile husband was once in the car trade as a body repairer so this post is a reminder of all sorts of vehicles. Also, times we've taken trailers over to Italy when relocating, either to that country or back to England. All the best with your plans!

  6. There's a lot of commotion and locomotion in your motion. Good luck with your move!

  7. that's a lot of tractors! i'm glad you're done with the moving...

  8. i bet he has dreams about driving...

  9. Yes---that does quality as MOTION, Beth... That's a LONG drive. I know you two will be so glad when the papers are signed and you won't have to make that drive anymore....

    Interesting bunch of 'treasures' in that last load.... Twelve tractors, huh?? Wow--one for each month!!!! ha


  10. That is a constant stream of motion going on over there...

    Top1 would probably quite appreciate all the stuff your hubby has loaded up - he has our little barn (6 by 8 metres) packed to the rafters with all things metal.

    Moving is tough, isn't it? Hang in there!

  11. What a blessed relief it will be to have it all done Beth. I'm so glad the end is in sight.
    I love all the stuff. My husband's "stuff" looks much the same, but it is invaluable to him!

  12. Sorry, I've been unable to leave comments on blogger's blogs. I could use one of those tractors, and I just wish I had your husband's mechanical skills!


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