Tuesday, June 24, 2014

A new head wrap and more "Where I'm From" poetry

 I got a head wrap (what I call it).
 It's a Buff from the Deluth online catalog.
I wear it to cover my ears when I am working outside.
Ever since I watched a certain Twilight Zone episode,
I go a little crazy if something buzzes my ears.

There are many ways  you can wear it,
but I choose the head band look.
I only cover my head with it
when my hair is already a mess.

The blue illustrations 
are the different ways you can wear the buff.

It is a long stretchy tube.
I wasn't sure whether I would like it,
but I do!

There is a format poem
titled "Where I'm From."
that I teach every year
at the end.
There is a lesson plan
complete with samples,
and directions.

Normally on a format poem,
they have to follow the directions
However, with this one
I loosened up.
I just wanted to get them to write
about their lives, homes, families, etc.

Only two boys could not write one,
but I simply asked questions
like "Do you like to hunt?
Do you hunt on your own land?
Who's the cook in the family?
What are  your favorites from that cook?
How about Grandma's cooking?"
and so on.

Five of my six classes wrote it --
both general and advanced.
The examples here 
are from my two freshmen general English students.
Hope you enjoy them!

The above is from a rough-looking
and tough-acting boy
with a heart of gold
who always did poorly in English.
He took great pride is his As and Bs
in my class.

He and I didn't start off well,
but we came to an understanding 
and met each other halfway.
On the last day, he told me that he would miss me.
And that's why I teach.

The one above is one I helped create with my questions.
The boy has a learning disability.
He did not have to write 15 lines.

I had two bulletin boards full
of these poems.
The students enjoyed reading each other's poems.
I told them to put their names on the back
for anonymity.
Not all complied as usual.

There were a total of 108 poems.
I took off for grammar mistakes,
because I proof-read the rough drafts
before they were permitted to type
the final ones.


  1. You look good in that wrap! I don't think I would be able to pull it off. :)
    I just love those poems. They are so personal, and I think something that I would want to keep!

  2. The head band is a pretty colour and it suits you. The poems are very interesting as each one is so individual yet reflects the lifestyle where you live and teach. I can see that you get the best out of your students.


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