Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Corner View: Collections

My mother didn't  have money to buy knick knacks.
She told me that when I asked her one time.
She said she would have liked to have had a collection of Hummels,
but they had gotten too expensive to even think about.

Add to this mix two grandchildren who wanted to pick out a gift
for their beloved Grandma Shirley
at every special occasion  . . .
and . . .
The Precious Moments Collection 
was created.

She finally got so many ( her sister bought her some too)
that she had to buy a special shelf for them.
I  even enrolled her in the Precious Moments' Club,
so every year she received a membership figurine.
She made it clear that I was to get the collection 
when she was gone and Dad no longer wanted or needed them.
He kept them through two moves, but gave them to me
when he was moving  to an assisted living room.

When Mother died, I had the kids each choose one figurine 
to take and keep.
I have considered giving them to my daughter,
but parting with my parents' special things
is something I'm not good at
(and I'm not sure I want to be). 
So it is understood
that Sara will receive the collection when I die. 

I can imagine her kids helping her carefully unpack
each one
and put it in a spot in the shelf unit
(that is now a part of the collection). 

 The soldier was a gift from Doug, I think.
The two boys were given at separate times and were either chosen by Doug or represented him (esp. the first one).
This one represents Sara.
She had a special bunny when she was little.
Mom finally made her copies from my pink-checked robe.
(We thought the original pink-checked bunny
reminded her of me in my robe which she saw me in often
as she was awake a lot at night.)

This was a present from Sara and her family
when I visited them in Texas two years ago.

The couple represents Papa Roy and Grandma Shirley.

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  1. I had a collection of these too. I stopped collecting as they got so expensive, but they have special memories. I really like the history behind yours.

  2. seems to me that this is the best kind of collection, one that comes from thoughtful gifts.

  3. what a touching have touched my heart!!

  4. Yes, it's a touching story and a lovely collection... I suppose you keep it as a big treasure!!

  5. It's a lovely collection Beth. I have several and just love them. My Mom began collection Hummels when they weren't so expensive. She has a beautiful collection that will one day be passed on. I think it a precious gift to have something that meant so much to your Mom.

  6. Awesome collection --and I can imagine you NOT wanting to part with it yet... Someday, you can share with family members --so that it can stay in the family. But--you need to keep it and enjoy it as long as you want to....I LOVE it.


  7. I totally understand not wanting to part with it - such a nice connection to your mom.

  8. I gave quite a few of them to my daughter some years ago. And, when going through the states [can't remember if it was in OK or MO after visiting a friend down there about 20 years ago] stopped at the main location of all those, and the historical portion of the way they were made artistically was amazing and, yep, bought a couple for my girl. Anyhow, you just grabbed me again.

  9. no worries, i'm into {vintage} hummels, but i do not often buy them... n♥


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