Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Corner View: one year ago; five years ago

I have shown some of these photos before,
but am repeating them because they illustrate
today's corner view's theme/topic.

Almost a year ago we were packing to move from the tiny bungalow
smack dab on a busy highway/town street
to the farm house on eight acres outside of our small town.

 Five years ago, we were boxing up things to take  up to our small town. I had  been living
there by myself for seven years.  Mike retired from his city job and was finally moving up to be with
me.  We had to leave most of the furniture behind because we were selling the house.
We didn't need the furniture until we moved into a bigger house
and it was three years before that happened.
We have been in the farm house for almost a year.

Almost five years ago, we had our last dinner together with old friends 
in Cincinnati.
We still talk to them and they have been up to visit,
but we have also made new friends and renewed friendships here.

Almost a year ago, we settled into our farm house.
George and Mike resting in our new home.

There are no heat vents in the kitchen,
so we have a Vermont stove.
Scruffy loved curling up beside it 
in those bitter cold days we had 
this past winter.

It will be a year in November 
since we got Ginger from a husky rescue.
She is one and a half
and is a Husky red and white.
She has adapted well to our family
and we all love her.
(Even the cats!)
Almost a year ago, we got a bedroom
 in which we could walk around the bed.

Almost a year ago, Scruffy and George discovered
that the outside world is wonderful!

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  1. and thus moving are milestones in your lives, and such happy ones too... you know, i sense the contentment from here, really heartwarming. enjoy your beautiful, beautiful premises, beth, and a whole long summer to go with it! n♥

  2. what a discovering you can do in five years!!
    walking around the bed, going outdoors for the cats....

  3. Lots of moving, but it sounds like you have found home!

  4. How lovely Beth - what a gorgeous place you live in! And I echo Nadine/Woolf's good wishes - enjoy your beautiful home and the warm summer to come x

    Eliza's Dream

  5. Lots of changes in these past few years. Your new home looks so inviting.

  6. Amazing what all has changed in your life over the past several years... NOW--I hope you won't have to move again!!! Love your new home --and you have fixed it up so nicely... I know how much you love it also!!!!


  7. i hope that in a year from now i can too say that i have a bedroom in which i can walk around the bed! :)

  8. Many changes but it seems you have found the right place now :)

  9. In French we say "every day is a new dawn", you illustrate this proverb ;)


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