Saturday, June 28, 2014

Importance of fairy tales and bedtime stories

 Fairy tales in childhood 
are stepping stones
 throughout life,
 leading the way
 through trouble and trial. 
The value of fairy tales
 lies not in a brief literary escape
 from reality,
 but in the gift of hope 
that goodness truly is more powerful 
than evil 
and that even the darkest reality
 can lead to a Happily Ever After. 
Do not take that gift of hope lightly.
 It has the power to conquer despair 
in the midst of sorrow, 
to light the darkness in the valleys of life,
 to whisper “One more time” in the face of failure. 
Hope is what gives life to dreams, 
making the fairy tale the reality. —L.R. Knost

Me reading to my granddaughter Addison
on Christmas day.
She is now seven.

 I will defend the importance of bedtime stories
 to my last gasp. —JK Rowling


  1. I'm with Rowling! (And I love the picture of you reading to Addison!)

  2. That is such a neat picture. Hope there will always be printed books to hold in our hands and share with the future generations.


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