Friday, June 20, 2014

Nature: Suppertime and Five-Minute Friday: Release

This shows off his head as he peers in at his supper.

Partaking of the Seed.
Apparently he has company flying in.

Begin: For eight years I lived in a very small bungalow 
on a horrendously busy and dangerous highway.
I had two indoor cats
and no dogs.

 The set-up was such that I could not feed birds
without difficulty and hassle.

Now we live in a good -sized farm house
on eight acres outside of our small town.
No more screeching of semi-truck brakes.
No more falling asleep to constant traffic sounds
( you do get used to after awhile.)

We were in the house three months 
when we got our Siberian Husky, Ginger.

 However, we began feeding the birds immediately.
The  previous owners left behind a bird feeder.
We now have 7 feeders of various kinds.
My daily ritual is to fill the feeders and hang them out.
Then I spread corn on the outskirts 
of the yard
for our lone deer(we had nine in the winter) 
and a peace offering to our neighbor the raccoon.

At night I get the feeders and once more spread corn
and seeds.

I am calmer.
Reminds me of a short story 
of a woman who felt responsible for 'her' birds
and only did brief visits to her sister,
so her birds would not wonder where she was.

I'm not to that point and don't plan on getting to that extreme.
Yet one significant discovery
is how animals and birds calm me.
They soothe me.

They become somewhat friends even,
like the deer that watches me distribute 
the corn and does not bolt from the yard.

An important theme in my story 
is how I am a calmer, nicer, friendlier 
person in general
because I tend to the birds, deer, raccoon,
and our cats and dog.
I release the stress and tension of my job
and other responsibilities
through tending for "God's creatures."

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  1. It's a hassle, Beth, but get a big container and take down your feeders at nights... We have to do that every night... Good Luck.

  2. You are speaking my language here are:) I have a deep love in my heart for birds and creatures of all kind, and like you, they soothe me. I get joy, clarity and life being around them. The great blue heron down by the lake where I live are friends to me. I felt a kinship with you just reading this. Thank you!

  3. "B. Meandering" has been included in our Arlynda Lea's Sites to See #5. We hope this helps to call attention to your efforts.

  4. I love that bird feeder! Do you find it keeps the squirrels away? The one I have is basically a squirrel feeder at the moment ;)

  5. There is something calming about feeding the birds. I love the chickadees that come into our bird feeders as they are such a *happy* kind of bird :-)

    Tammy ~@~

  6. Understand the peace that comes from being part of nature.

  7. I love this and relate to it well. We too got a house that came with a bird feeder, and I feel exactly as you do with the bunnies and chipmunks, deer and birds almost like friends as they hang out in the yard with me. It is the best, most calming thing for me as well (in addition to gardens and flowers). Thank you for sharing. This made me smile! `Rebekah


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