Friday, June 6, 2014

Out of School, Watching the Wildlife

This is my classroom before I cleaned it up and put/threw stuff away.
My last day was a week ago today on the 30th.
I went back in this past Monday to finish my room.
I am officially off school.
Woo hoo!

Two different wildlife sharing the corn.
I know I'm not supposed to  put corn out, 
but they leave the bird feeders alone during the day 
if I put corn out.
I take the bird feeders into the garage at night.

There is only this young deer and one raccoon
plus one squirrel.
We did have a chipmunk,
but I found him belly and face up,
 quite dead, on our back porch yesterday.
Apparently, Scruffy is a hunter.
She has also given us one mouse
and one mole.

We didn't let her outside at the other house,
but we do here.
With 8 acres and the fact that Scruffy and George have been indoor cats
for 10 years,
we are okay with them being out for a little bit at a time.
They don't venture far from the house,
and they are absolutely not allowed out from dusk on
due to coyotes.

Here are some close ups of the young deer.

And now . . .Mr. Raccoon.
Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Happy Summer Beth! You got some great shots!

  2. Hope you have a wonderful summer, Beth. Isn't the wildlife fun?!

  3. We share our average with the deer too Beth. They make having a flower garden very challenging!
    Have a wonderful, restful summer.

  4. That should have been acreage but apparently spellcheck decided average was more appropriate???

  5. Beautiful photos, and I'm so glad you are out of school. Sure would love to be there, you to be here, but life keeps interfering with that possibility. This body stuff interferes too often, doncha think?? Thank you so much. Just made me smile.

  6. happy holidays Beth - looks like you won't have to travel far this summer to have some beautiful view!


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