Sunday, June 8, 2014

Our bungalow is rented!

The 1915 Craftsman bungalow, that I lived in for 5 years alone
and then almost 4 with Mike, is now rented.
We have one of Mike's partners
handle the renting for us for a commission.

It is now rented to a man with the fracking industry.
His wife and two little boys (ages 18 mos. and 5 yrs.)
are up here from Alabama for the summer.
We do have a basement and a screened-in back porch
for them to play in.
But the bedroom is tiny and it looks even tinier to me 
without all our 'stuff'. 
The walls are bare
except for two clocks and picture in the bathroom.

I've shown the house before,
but I wanted a record of it as it is now.
I do include pics that some of you have seen before
to contrast now with when we were living there.

It was a good home for us and me especially,
but I do not miss it in the slightest.

The kitchen.

Mike still has work to do on the woodwork and he plans to take down
that tile (it's the only section of it left).
We were going to paint the newer cabinets 
and sand and stain the in-set sections of the antique cabinets.
However, my heart never got into that,
so neither did Mike's.,
and now that it's a rental, we have two less renovations
to worry about with renters.

 The dining room.

 The living room with Mike's
loveseat and sofa bed couch
from  Cincinnati.

The one and only bedroom.

The chests belonged to my parents.
We are now using two family antiques at the farm house.
Mike refinished the doors when we first bought the house.

The bathroom.  We got a new shower curtain---actually it takes 3 to go around the claw-foot tub which is dated 1920.
Mike completely gutted this bathroom and updated it except for the tub.  I refused to part with it, so Mike took it out, sanded, repainted (it was burgundy and gold---ghastly) and
reinstalled it.
This corner was much cuter when we lived there,
but the cute stuff is at the farm house now.

  This shelf and hooks unit was in the farm house.  We didn't like or need it where it was.
We didn't want to leave the antique one at the bungalow and it is going in the upstairs bathroom
here at the farmhousewhere this one was.  The antique one only has 3 hooks which is plenty for us.

This picture belonged to my parents.
It is not a favorite of mine and hadn't hung in Dad's last two apartments.
But he kept it in his storage room and then we stored it.
Now it is useful once again.
We had a special picture in this spot and the hook was still there.

The hallway.
Notice the empty shelves.
Mike took off the doors and put them in storage.
The glass is original to the house and irreplaceable.
He will put the doors back on when we decide to sell it.

Here are glimpses of the bungalow when we lived there.
The first few are from Christmas 2012 and  then 2011.
In the first picture, the living room is especially crowded due to the tree
and extra seating.
We got 10 people around this table and a person could squeeze/walk around the table.

    My computer armoire where I did a lot of my school work is in the rear-left corner.  It is now
in a room that is just my office and studio.

This chest of drawers kept a lot of my school stuff.

This  was my "read, grade, and relax" (and sometimes sleep) corner.

As you can see here, 
the shelves were once full.
I also would hang my clothes on the hall closet door
every night
to be ready when I awakened the next morning.

I just wanted to record all this.

Hope this new week is wonderful for you
and full of healing for some folks specifically.


  1. It's a cute place and I'm sure the family is glad to have a place for the summer. I hope they take good care of it.

  2. Even though it was/is small, that is a nice little home. Glad you got it rented --at least for the summer. I hope the renters take good care of it... Renters sometimes can make a mess of things...

    I know how happy you finally are to be in your new home. Hope you enjoy it for many years to come.


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