Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Barn Charm # 33

Mike took me for another 'barn drive'
on a beautiful Sunday afternoon two weekends ago.
We headed east on Rt. 147 towards a little town called Bethesda.
I got lots of photos and 'captured' some real beauties.
But this one tug at my heart a bit,
so I will begin the "Bethesda Barns"
with it.

Mike was almost past it when, I yelped,
He backed up and I clicked.

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Monday, March 26, 2012


I can't go into much detail: privacy issues.  But a boy student and his parents are appealing a ten-day suspension given by our principal.  They meet with the superintendent this morning.  The situation is already dividing our school.  Whether the boy did what they say he did is not so much the issue to me as how it was handled.  I would be livid if my son had been treated the way this young man was. I am angry as a teacher who has seen another side of this boy and who believes he's being used as an example because his parents are rich and the boy is looked up to by others.  He has already missed 3 days of school and all his 3rd 9 wk. tests which will dump his grades in the toilet.  He has missed two scrimmages and two games in baseball.  He is the star pitcher.  (If it were football season, I'm not as certain our former football coach and now principal would have handled it the same way--the boy is a star football player).  He has been humbled. He is willing to apologize and eat humble pie.  However, I feel an apology is also owed him and his parents.
Please pray.   This could implode.  Please pray for God to work what is best for all.  Thank you.
Also pray for us staff: sexual discrimination is alive and well in our school district.
Thank you.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Barn Charm # 32

This is the last of the barns from the Dayton, Ohio drive.
I was actually taking photos of an old inn
when we spotted this way up on a hill.

We couldn't see how to get to it,
but wondered if it was indeed open to the public.
It sort of looks like a 'party barn'.

Then again, maybe it's a home.
There is a red door in the long front side of the structure--
down near the right-hand corner---
that looks more like a residence's door
than a party place's door.

You're free to speculate.

Each shot gets a bit closer.

This is the closest my zoom would get me.
I also could only get shots from this angle.
I would love to see all the way around it!

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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Corner View: everyday

Francesca, who hosts Corner View,
spotlighted her morning coffee.
I decided to show how my day begins as well
since it happens this way every day
at least Monday through Friday.

I get the coffee ready the night before,
but I don't use a timer.
I just plug it in and hit the start button on my way to let the cats up
from the basement.

I have to have a cream or flavored 'something' in my coffee,
and the flavor of  the week
this week
is the same as one of my favorite candy bars:
Almond Joy.

I used to have a protein shake
but now I have oatmeal with soy milk and  1/2 cup frozen blueberries
stirred into it.

While microwaving the oatmeal,
I read the daily Psalm calendar.

The other staples to my mornings
--even on weekends--
are my devotions
and my journal writing.

I can make it through the day without the oatmeal
or the calendar,
but coffee and time spent reading and writing
keep me sane,
as I maneuver my way through
a day of teaching English to freshmen and juniors.

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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Barn Charm #31

I am almost out of barn photos from that drive
from Dayton, Ohio home to Barnesville.
It was a beautiful day in October.
I hope to soon capitalize on the beautiful days
we have been having recently
and take another drive close to home.
This appears to be a dairy farm.
I didn't get a shot of the home,
but I think it was made of the same brick
as the garage peeking out on the left-hand-side
in the photo below.

It occurred to me this morning that I have not seen any dairy barns
around my little area of Ohio.
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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Corner View: Monument

 When I saw the topic for this week's Corner View,
I immediately thought of the Washington D.C. trip over five years ago.
My husband and I drove my dad to my brother's house near Harrisburg, PA.
We stayed with them and the four of us
 took my dad specifically to see the WWII Memorial.

Those who are frequent visitors to my blog,
most likely know that my dad was a German POW during WWII.
He had this trip on his 'bucket' list.

I have posted photos of that day and
written sentimentally about my dad.

However, for this post I am featuring women since
March is Women's History Month.

The following photos are of the monument/statue/ memorial
in honor of the women who served as nurses in the Vietnam War. 

This is the only shot I have of the insription and it is not very clear.
It says 1993 Vietnam Women's Memorial Project.
I cannot read the name under it nor am I sure that it's a 3 in the year.
But hopefully, you can still appreciate the tribute.

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Monday, March 5, 2012

Barn Charm # 30

Here are all sorts of sizes and shapes of buildings: barns, sheds, silos, and even a house.
We could not get any closer without going way off our route,
so I did the best I could with my husband's camera
(mine takes better long shots).
This is south of Rt. 40  and east of Columbus, Ohio.
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Update on my sister-in-law's stroke

Two Saturdays ago, I stopped at the city park
after attending one of my grandson's basketball games.

The sun was out and though the air was slightly nippy,
it was a beautiful day to stroll along the pond and take photos of the ducks.

This guy though, came after me. 
I had been there long enough that I guess he thought I owed him bread.
He was persistent.
I was hesitant.
He walked forward.
I walked backward.

I backed a safe distance away and headed back to my car.
I had enough pictures.

An update:
Thank you to those who have prayed for my sister-in-law.
She has been home this past week.
Her doctor forbid her to drive or to work.
She is going a bit stir-crazy.

This week she goes back to two doctors.
One is supposedly setting up a consultation at Ohio State University Hospital.
He is perplexed as to why she had a lacunar stroke at the age  of 55.

Robyn is not obese and does not have exceedingly high blood pressure.
She is a heavy smoker and drinker, but those aren't necessarily factors in this type of stroke.
A lacunar stroke is when small blood vessels burst causing a stroke
that scares the patient, but does not hinder any body functions.
She had no effects from it such as paralysis, etc.
She is still in need of prayer.

I have my second evaluation today.
I chose my biggest class and a topic I've not taught before:
intro to Of Mice and Men.
That's what kept coming up in my head.
so I 'went with it'.

The alternative was freshmen OGT practice work
and since I don't like that stuff, I was hesitant to be evaluated on it.
(OGTs --Ohio Graduation Test---are next week with the sophomores taking the real tests
and the freshmen taking practice tests.)

I am also facing several boys who have been especially disruptive.
They are not in the class in which I will be evaluated;
however, they can upset me and I don't need that today.

So please lift us up today.

Blessings to you all as you begin your week.