Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Corner View: Tradition

Our little town of Barnesville, Ohio has an annual Pumpkin Festival.  It has been going on since the mid-sixties, although it was originally called The Fall Festival.  People in-town and even on the outskirts like us, decorate with scarecrows, mums, pumpkins, dried corn, old farm equipment, etc. It's a big deal!   The festival lasts four days beginning with the weighing-in of the pumpkins.  That is on Wednesday night and we always go--we love the festival food too.
Here are a smattering of my decorations this year.

Back Porch

Front Yard

Close-up of some mums and scare crows.

The beginning of the parade this year.

All of the queens, princesses, and little misses.

 These decorations are of the other house when we lived there.  They give you an idea of some of the porch arrangements in town.

 Wednesday night weigh -in.

Parade scenes from last year.
The parade lasted two hours this year. The sidewalks and lawns are packed with people
wanting to watch it.
Downtown is crowded.

The grandkids two years ago.  This year's pumpkin was bigger than this one pictured, but I forget the exact weight--it was 1500 and something.

 Fair rides are part of the festival also and Doug and the grandkids come over for Saturday afternoon and evening.  It's a great family time!
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Monday, October 27, 2014

Fall and an old family business/farm

Weekend before this past one, we went hunting fall leaves with the camera.  This is an old local family's farm.  They sold fruit for years.  They no longer sell, but the sign is still up at the entrance to their farm.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Corner View: Stranger

People at the WWII monument.
We were strangers to each other,
yet united in our awe and gratitude.

Pictures on the Vietnam Mural and statues in the Korean Monument.  They represent strangers, yet
we know them for their sacrifice to keep us free.

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Monday, October 20, 2014

FALL 2014

We went for a drive yesterday to capture fall on camera.  I will have more later.  Meanwhile, I hope you have a wonderful week!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Corner View: Rough

First, I took the prompt literally as the first five photos show.  Then I interpreted it another way as the last two pics show.
Ground Sea Shells
make a  filler around a candle in a bowl.

Cat's Scratching Square.

Barn Siding Frame

Wicker Basket

Antique Wicker Sewing Kit
(that looks like a hat box and is almost big enough to be one)

"Rough-house" or "Rough and Tumble"
Doug and the kids playing together several years ago.

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Happy Viewing!

Monday, October 13, 2014

Our homecoming 2014

  Our homecoming was Friday.  I am in charge of it because I'm Student Council's advisor.  We start with decorating for the dance and then there is the pep rally.  We had three relay races.  The first one pictured is passing a football with your feet.  The next one is passing a hula hoop while holding hands. The teams represent each class: freshmen, sophomore, junior, and senior.
Then Friday night are pictures, riding in trucks around the field, walking across, and the crowing of the 2014 Homecoming  Queen.

Part of the crow at the rally

The five seniors and three underclassmen - junior, sophomore, and freshman

The five seniors vying for queen

I've included some photos of the trucks.  People are proud of their trucks  around here and they were shining despite the rain.

Check this girl's skirt out.  It was metallic in three colors.
She got it at TJ Max.

The crowning of the  queen.
She goes to vocational school and is quite nice.

The rain came straight down steady but not hard and there was no wind, so
it was bearable.

Hope you have a wonderful  week!