Sunday, March 30, 2014

My thoughts --- on education and fracking beside our park lake.

I miss writing here, but often am not sure what to say
or whether to say it or how to say it or to just stay hidden.
It has been one of the roughest winters for me
physically, emotionally, and mentally.
Nothing that cannot be worked through,
which I am doing.

Spring is teasing us
and winter must really love us,
because he just won't let go!
 Or no, wait, that's possession obsession,
isn't it?

We begin a week of PARCC. It is the new test
that Ohio is saying it is going with.
It is supposed to be in place next year,
but I guess, the powers to be are reconsidering.

  Whatever they decide, 
you can bet
new hoops 
will be designed
for us
 to jump through.

 Yes, sir!
How high, sir!
To the moon, you say?  Yes and then some.

Where? In your substandard computer labs.
Never mind that you don't  have enough computers!

 When? Soon.

But while we're deciding, have your freshmen
take a preview test.
Let it take up four mornings of class time.
Oh, we're sorry---did you say you were busy teaching?
Don't let a little thing like that bother you!
Your kids will be happy to be guinea pigs. . . 
all for the sake of better education.
(No. Because someone wants to make even more money
redesigning 'the wheel'.)

 How?  Take these work shops.  Invest lots of money. . .
oh and lots of time, blood, sweat, and tears,
and you might figure it out.
 Our job is to only appear to be helping.  After all,
we are incredibly busy designing new hoops!

Why?  Didn't you learn anything
 from your parents? Because we said so!
Now get going!

Two teachers, the librarian, the guidance counselor and I 
will be administering PARCC all this coming week.
Hmmm, administering.  Sounds sinister.
Me thinks it just might be!

More thoughts:
If a powerful seven-men committee has their way,
a huge pad for a fracking drill
will be placed up the hill to the left I think.
It will be very near our town park.
The men and equipment 
will destroy our hiking paths.
We pray, that's all.
After all, that isn't just any lake you see.
It's our reserve water supply!

But, hey, they'll be careful!
Yeah, let's ask those folks in WVa
what they think.
(They still haven't fully recovered from a major leak
that made their water unusable for anything.)

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Corner View: Close By

 We went for a drive this past Sunday 
and came upon some mother cows and their calves.
They were keeping the 'young-uns' close by.

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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Corner View: in the distance

What I 'see' in the distance is retirement.
It will be at the end of the  2014/2015 school  year.
What I'm looking forward to: 

Taking Dillon to soccer and watching him play.

Playing dress up with Abigail (and Addison).

No longer having to take a personal day to get ready for
Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners.

Having enough energy for the extra things like swimming.

Playing games.


Watching Colton play football.

Taking a grandchild on a trip to DC or Gettysburg.

Listening to Abigail play my mother's piano (and sing--she's hilarious.)

Flying to Texas at any time of the year
instead of the hottest month (August).
Visiting with my daughter and her family.

Going to the Pumpkin Patch with son and his kids
(shown here with his step-brother and daughter).

Growing more lilies and other flowers all around the farm house.

Reading, of course(as much as I want).

Lots of activities are hovering "in the distance."

They're called 'Retirement'.

Join Francesca for Corner View.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Dillon, Grandpa Mike, and Tractors

We had Dillon for the day this past Saturday.
I picked him up.
We had lunch at the local DQ,
stopped by the house to pick up Ginger,
and then went to 'The Barn.'

Grandpa showed him around
and eventually they came to the two antique tractors.
Both were his father's.
The first one still runs.

{A little story on it: 
This 1954 tractor was
a favorite of Bud's (Mike's dad).
When Bud died, Mike  pulled his coffin on a trailer
from the funeral  home to the Catholic Church
where the service was held.
All the folks, who really knew Bud,
thought it was the coolest tribute.}

Dillon is pumping the pedals

and working the gears.

This tractor is from the 1930s
and does not presently have an engine.

I love this picture of Dillon---
just hanging out with Grandpa.

The barn.
It is up the road from our home
and on an acre of land that we own.
The land is next to his sister's house,
which was originally built for their parents
when Mike was 13.

I have been out of touch for a month.
It doesn't seem that long!
A combination of reasons
with the prevalent one being pain.
The fibromyalgia detests extremely cold temperatures.
It also does not do well with constantly changing weather and temps,
and that is what we are still having.
It was in the 50s yesterday
and is in the 20s tonight.
Snow is expected, but with zero accumulation.

I also need to check out my hands 
with my rheumatologist---
they are not bending well, especially the knuckles
and they ache most of the time.
This is new.

I thoroughly enjoyed time with 9-year-old Dillon,
but am moving slowly today.
It was absolutely worth it.