Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Corner View: Open-ended

There was no specified topic for corner view this week.
We could choose whatever we wanted.
This should be an especially interesting and quite eclectic 'view'
as we all choose our own 'direction'!

My ex-husband holding our youngest grandchild who was recently visiting from Texas.
In the background is my daughter (from Texas) and my son's daughter.

My ex's wife who for 15 years was my best friend.

What you don't see is me sitting between them.
This was the day after having gone to their home for a birthday party for Abby (from Texas).

I'm comfortable sitting between them.
We're quite comfortable with each other and the way our lives turned out.
We laugh together A LOT.
Pretty cool, huh?!

The healing power of God through grandchildren.
(Also the healing power of forgiveness, not just of them,
but especially of myself
after the extremely important acknowledgement
of my part in the destruction of the marriage and friendship.)
Oh---also gratitude---lots of it.

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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Barn Charm # 29

This barn was on a side road that ran through a cluster of homes--a little community.
It was right on that road. as you can see.
The sun was starting to go down when we went by it again for a side shot.
East of Columbus, Ohio.

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Monday, February 20, 2012

Barn Charm #28

My husband was born and raised in this small town.
His friendships run long and deep.

A group of old friends gets together at one of the guy's son's place.
The son is in his twenties and a school teacher.
He has a two bedroom house and a big barn that he painted black
after tobacco barns.

Every Thursday night is guy night where they cook over a fire
and sit around drinking beer and talking.
In the winter they go inside and watch TV.

This week I'm featuring that barn.
It is approximately 100 years old.

This is the front of the barn.
Obviously, Matt the owner is a Pittsburgh Steeler fan.

Here is the back. 
 You can see part of a shed that was built to store a lawn tractor
and other small equipment.

This is the far side.  Here is a side view of the shed.

 He built steps to reach the door of the loft.
He stores stuff in there, but his girlfriend won't go in it--says it's full of bats.

You can barely see the hinges that show there is a door here
 because he painted them black also.

This is the center of activity in the summer.

This is the edge of his property.
He has probably five acres.

I had to show off some of our beautiful southeastern Ohio hills and trees.
These photos were taken last fall.

My husband headed up the team that jacked up one wall of the barn,
built a foundation under it, and rebuilt the wall. 

Here is a just a glimpse of the TV area. 
I wish I'd taken more of the inside of the finished part of the barn.

My husband doesn't go every Thursday night,
but he does enjoy his time out there.

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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Barn Charm #27

Here are the last of the tobacco sign barns in my collection.
There are several beauties right here in my small town,
which I must get on film some day.

You get to see both sides as we came up on this duo
from the west.
We first parked across the high way on the west side,
then we drove a bit further and I shot some pics from the east.

The colors did not come out nearly as well when photographing from the eastern end.
But you still get the essence of the setting.

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Monday, February 13, 2012

Confronting Fear

Do not be afraid of sudden terror,
 nor of trouble from the wicked when it comes;
for the LORD will be your confidence,
and will keep your foot from being caught.
Proverbs 3:25-26

Lord, help me to begin to confront the fears
I've been running away from.
I want to silence the roars that keep me from moving ahead
with my life.

(from The Confident Woman Devotional by Joyce Meyer

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Barn Charm #26

These photos were taken in October 2011.
This barn and outbuilding are on a side road off of Rt. 40 East
between Columbus and Zanesville, Ohio.

I like the haphazard 'arrangement' of mailboxes
and the blue container leaning against a partly cut-down tree.
I think that may be a chicken coop or perhaps it's a rabbit hatch.
The other building is a mere spot in the upper right-hand corner.

I like how this shows the puzzle of fall in 2011 Ohio.
It could not make up its mind: many trees lost their leaves,
but some held on persistently.
Folks were still mowing lawns in the middle of November
 which has not been the norm for awhile.

I guess the angle from which I took it makes the barn look lop-sided.
The ground it is on is only slightly sloping.

This is my favorite shot.
I like the variation of colors and textures.
I hope you enjoyed these.

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For those of you who follow Corner View,
our hostess,
 Francesca of Fuoriborgo,
is without Internet due to the severe ice storms
that have hit parts of Europe.
For some photos of that storm
check out Fuoriborgo (ice storm)
and Fuoriborgo snowed in.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Corner View: Light

This week the topic is light.  I was thinking of sayings and song lyrics that have the word light in them.
One of the songs came to my mind and stuck there.  I remember when Debbie Boone first sang it with  fresh-faced innocence. I was 24 years old, a wife, and a mother.  My second child, a son, was born that year of 1978 and 'he was mine', whereas my daughter was her father's even when in my womb.  Through his marriage, I 'lost' him for awhile, but now he's back and the new woman in his life has no problem sharing him.  I can openly celebrate the light he brings into my life.

The following are two videos of Debbie Boone singing "You Light Up My Life."   The first one has a montage of nature photos full of light.   The second one is Debbie singing the song on an Oprah show---Debbie has grown into a woman in this second video.  Both are good, but the second one is shorter.
However, the sound is better on the first.

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The Lyrics:
So many nights I sit by my window
Waiting for someone to sing me his song
So many dreams I kept deep inside me
Alone in the dark but now
You’ve come along
Rollin’ at sea, adrift on the water
Could it be finally I’m turning for home?
Finally, a chance to say hey,
I love You
Never again to be all alone

You light up my life
You give me hope
To carry on
You light up my days
and fill my nights with song
It can’t be wrong
When it feels so right
‘Cause You
You light up my life

By: Debbie Boone –  from – You Light Up My Life